New trader looking for advice

  • New trader since mid feb. I would like to think I am getting a grip of the platform now. However I am not sure if i have gone over board with players now 22 with a total of 309 futures, the most being 30 for Jonathon Tah. Should I trim my player base and look instead of increasing futures. I have £450 invested and currently 12.05% up.

    I would like to start buying futures in 50’s or 100’s but this could get expensive or just top up on my 6 shares in each ofPogba, Neymar and Sancho ? Any advice appreciated, cheers.

  • Why not just leave it as it is? You appear to have a winning formula.
    Maybe in another month and a half you will have made another £100, save you dividends and buy a player every now and them with them.


    I know this is really difficult, you feel the need to fiddle, sell and buy as you see risers and fallers, but you pay commission and it eats ur profits.

    Your new, and been very lucky with the market since you joined, don’t be drawn into thinking this is easy just because you have made money. FI can be a cruel mistress!!

    Anyone joining two days ago would have had a hammering if they hadn’t picked CHO and RLC.

  • Sancho is safe, transfer speculation plus great performances. Else youth.

  • Thanks guys, i suppose the main thing is not to panic and remain patient. I may add a few in short bursts to some of the top 10 futures i own.

  • @NewUser295934

    Personally I think you've invested in expensive overpriced players with negative potential.
    I think it's high risk, more so with Neymar and Pogba due to their age. Close to peak, however FI prices have not yet corrected to properly account for age, so you're safe for now.
    Both players will now be required to earn approx £1 a year each in dividends for the remainder of their careers to justify their value. So I don't see much room for appreciation, beyond the fact that they are "big names", which is an asset here.
    I do though believe there is more potential at cheaper prices, so I would encourage you to be confident in diversifying your portfolio - it is easier to hold 100+ futures in a 50p player, than it is to own said amount for a player costing £5+

    Good examples right now are Jan Oblak, Raul Jimenez and Duvan Zapata. All costing in between 50p and £1.
    These players do not need to earn £1 a year in dividends to justify their initial cost. They need to earn around 15-20p a year in dividends to justify ongoing ownership costs.
    These above as well as many others are likely to not only earn enough dividends to justify their price, but each has significant room to appreciate before meeting their value.

  • @C-Arroyo

    I appreciate the advice, I wondered in hindsight about readjusting my portfolio. I jumped on the 3 top names just prior to SS. I will have to look to hold my nerve with the dips and find this forum a great place to learn and get helpful advice.

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