Summer Transfer Window

  • Where can I go to understand the mechanics of a transfer window having not been through one yet?
    Speculation causes players prices to rise? this is due to the chance of winning media divs?
    All transfers or just those going to Big clubs?
    Players price rise peaks before the transfer is finalised?

    Any one got a link to a more in depth explanation somewhere on the web?


  • No link as such from me. Blogs would be good to check.

    It's not just mb potential. It's capital appreciation. If PlayerX is playing at Watford and linked with a move to Arsenal, people will invest trying to get in early doors on potential MB and more PB opportunities with a better quality team that is also involved in Europe.

    Option 1 - The Pump and Dump approach: If you have quick fingers, sell on the hype and they won't even need to move.

    Option 2 - The quick approach: get on someone and wait for them to actually move. Can dump or can reassess once move is complete.

    Option 3 - Long term: get onto a player that will be given better opportunities long term by another move.

    Take PSV. Lozano and Bergwijn are both linked with moves to PB league teams. Get on them now. Wait til the speculation grows and grows and their price builds.
    Option 1: sell before they've even moved for a quick profit
    Option 2: sell once the move has been completed, maybe wait for their first few consecutive starts for their price to rocket
    Option 3: get on Donyell Malen who is much cheaper and younger, will take their place in the PSV first team and is now essentially in the same position 2 years earlier

    Remember, these are potentially 3 year holds. And remember I'm shamelessly pumping Malen who I think will be a world beater.

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