• Seems to be having a nice little rise today which I guess is coming from the fact that he's currently topping the MB rankings.

    Does anyone else think he is massively under priced considering his potential and the fact that he has still put up respectable stats in a struggling team? I might just be being biased as an Everton fan but I think he'll be much better next season as Everton progress and could be a prime target for a huge move next summer.

    What are everyone else's thoughts?

  • Definitely. Worth holding for a month for IPD and see where these transfer rumours are going.
    His value is only going to go up.
    Scored plenty in a poor Everton side so I do feel other clubs will come sniffing.
    I do hold and support Everton.
    It's been a long season. FI has made it made it bearable 😁

  • @Dronny-Gaz it definitely has been a long season. Last few games have looked much better though, I'm optimistic about the future. Think there are still some real FI gems at Everton though waiting to be unearthed. Richarlison being one but I also hold Bernard, Digne, Davies and DCL. Digne is already paying back in a big way but I expect the others all to rise next season too

  • He wouldn't get in the Liverpool team. Everton wouldn't sell him to Liverpool and Liverpool wouldn't give Everton all that money.
    Leading the MB with FAKE NEWS

    I'm sure he will be taken over by a liverpool player by the end of the day due to their match, so hope people are not investing on the hope to win MB as I dont think it will happen.

  • @TraderJ I have DCL too. We seem to be creating more now, so hopefully the goals will follow.
    Held Lookman for months, but he didn't get that run of games to establish himself. Or when he did play, it was at a time when we were struggling. Hopefully, he'll come good and I'm sure I'll buy again.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah he would get in the team when Mane leaves this summer. I would also argue that Richarlison is at least as good as Firmino (I don't support either club)

    I think there is value in Richarlison. With transfer spec in the summer and the Copa America it could be a big summer for him. Remember he is still really young too, Everton isn't his final destination

  • not saying he's not good, just that there is no way that he will be joining Liverpool next season

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah Maybe, you'll need some new players when Klopp gets rid of some deadwood because you've pissed the title away again 😀

  • David Neres will be linked to liverpool soon, perfect mane replacement.
    No way Richarlison is going there.

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in Richarlison:

    @Tikka-Mo-Salah Maybe, you'll need some new players when Klopp gets rid of some deadwood because you've pissed the title away again 😀

    at least we get close enough to piss it away

  • Richarlison got off to a flyer at Watford then went shit, doing same for Everton. Doesnt seem to have what it takes over a season. Blame the club having a poor year, but as the star player who is to blame? We've seen a host of these fair weather players over the years.... Didn't Hull think they were going to win the league one year because they had a few Brazilians and started well in Aug/Sept lol.

    Transferring every year and starting well at new club is a pretty clever way of hiding how dog shit you are. Like Pardew and Allardyce do as managers.

  • I don't think it matters whether he is going to Liverpool or not it's the story that generates the buzz. I dont think this will be the last of the transfer speculation around him couple that with the fact he is a young talented player then he seems under priced to me

  • @Vespasian32 when he went to Watford, he came straight from playing in Brazil over the Summer, so he essentially played competitive football for 18 months straight. Understandable he had a poor second half of the season (as did Watford) after being great up til Christmas. Encouraging signs he's coming back into form with the rest of the Everton team last few weeks.

    No idea whether he would go to Liverpool (doubt it personally), but I strongly suspect he will move to a bigger club than Everton sooner or later - probably sooner.

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