• Hi anyone noticed the ads for this new app and if so have you had a look into it ? Do you think the platform will affect FI if at all . It was only a matter of time before something similar became available and from what I've read it may appeal to younger fans who are more accustomed to mainstream betting and fantasy football. Exactly the demographic we would want investing in FI.

  • @Frankie66 never heard of it or seen any ads. Just had a quick Google but couldn't find anything. What exactly is this platform?

  • @TraderJ being launched 12th April 2019.
    There is a short video that explains the basics on if you type footstock in the search,ignore the sign up screen just scroll down you will see it there. Click and a video comes up and all the info regarding the platform.

  • Looks almost exactly like FIFA ultimate team - you buy bronze/silver/gold packs of random players and can also trader with other users directly.

    Could become popular but a lot more luck based

  • It looks totally random and you could end up with a load of donkeys.
    Top trumps with money.

  • the video is pretty terrible. there may be something in the idea somewhere, but bear in mind;
    A) it launched in a bit of a different guise around the World Cup and went bust.
    B) the latest (delayed) launch has so far raised around £30k. It's very difficult to deliver even the most basic of projects for this. FI in comparison initially raised over £1M (and has had more funding since).

    @The-FIG spoke about it on this pod the other week (around half way in from memory), and gave a balanced take on its prospects, i thought.

  • @Keegans-Bluff Thanks I'll have a look. I know it comes across as being a bit amateurish and the funding side of things is a concept that is foreign to me. In my day you started a business with a business plan and went to your bank manager cap in hand and remortgaged,begged stole and borrowed until you got the funds and worked your butt off to make it work. Nowadays u have an idea , get it funded by god knows who if it don't work you give the money back. In my mind you can't have the motivation of losing everything so with something like this I would wait to see how it unfolds. With it already having failed in one attempt I would be cautious.

  • It sounds interesting and could be more apealing to the masses especially as its a familiar system to Fifa ultimate team. With all the problems that fi is having lately it could have an impact. The one saving grace would be that there is no plan for an app until 2020. I suspect the announcement falling just after footstocks release date isnt a coincidence. Hope fi get their act sorted out fast

  • From what I've seen FI have been at pains to keep growth steady and implementing changes to a plan. This has been made easier with little or no competition. The fact that there maybe another platform on the horizon may mean ,as you say , that bugs and fixes and any future improvements currently on the slow burner may get some rocket fuel to put some distance between FI and any competition. As far as dividend payouts are concerned it appears to be sorting itself out after a rough couple of weeks but I'm not sure they haven't overcomplicated the dividend structure over the past year to a point where any new investors post SS are now very confused especially as the dividend payouts were all over the place. As anyone who has worked in and around the gambling industry punters are a fickle bunch and it doesn't take much to spook them.

  • @Frankie66 Where did you see the ads? That is good news

  • @Clover Hi I saw an ad on either Soccer way or a site similar and a mate sent me a link on Facebook as well. This was a couple of weeks ago but something came up somewhere and I googled it! When u say good news ! In which way ?

  • @Tom77 I seem to have a lot of donkeys on here! Problem being I chose them☹️. Maybe a random lucky dip is my destiny.

  • @Frankie66 With this type of advertising shows the commitment the Index is making to spread the word. Plus revenue is good!

  • I have had a good look at this and, if they can make it work, it could be very interesting. It is in its infancy so there are bound to be teething issues to start with but the overall concept seems pretty solid. I agree with the App comment. I'm not sure of the % but I'm willing to bet that a lot of people on FI access via an App of some sort. In the interest of full disclosure, I have invested in it early, via Indiegogo but I am not involved with the company in any way. Good luck if you go down that route - I think they launch later today!

  • Had a look but not for me. Viva FI!

  • It looks like a ridiculous random card collecting game. But then again I think that FUT is ridiculous but it doesn’t prevent huge financial success.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Random and Ridiculous are 2 of the main ingredients of success it seems. With no Risk no Reward no Evolution. Onwards and power to all who take their Chance on fortune wether it be FI, Betfair or Footstock or ,if your like me ,all of them,✌️

  • @Earshavewalls
    I had a look yesterday when someone mentioned it in the forum yesterday.
    Just looks like a bit of fun for people who have money too waste, you have no control and it’s all based on luck as too which cards you get and for £50.00 a pop for the top card pack I’d sooner not.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 said in Footstock:

    I had a look yesterday when someone mentioned it in the forum yesterday.
    Just looks like a bit of fun for people who have money too waste, you have no control and it’s all based on luck as too which cards you get and for £50.00 a pop for the top card pack I’d sooner not.

    The card packs just get the players into the game. It then functions as a market - so instead of taking a punt on a pack you can buy the cards you want from other traders.

  • how are the players valued? i.e in FI they are underpinned on dividends or future dividends

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