Who to sell-Advice please

  • Having been on FI a couple of months now,and after several initial mistakes,I thought I was happy with my port.I have invested 7.5k and just made my first 1000 profit.I have 17 players,with only 2 in the red,but with a week of work I've had plenty of time to research,and have found 7 or 8 players I really want to invest in.Trouble is I have no more money to invest at the moment,and every time I think I am going to sell some futures in one of my players,I can't bring myself to press the button.How do u guys justify selling futures that are making money,or should I just stick with what I've got?

  • Sell part of the holding and diversify. No need to sell the whole lot.

  • @Andy-C
    As a newbie myself 2months I had the same issue. What I decided on if I could not commit to selling was to hold the player but reduce their futures 300 to 150 as an example. Makes me feel like I am not totally missing out if a player goes on a streak. Just a thought maybe some more experienced traders will have better suggestions.

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