Rabiot future drop

  • Understanding that getting a transfer to the English Premier League makes you more valuable on the Index but I am confused as too why Rabiot possibly moving to Real Madrid would drop him 11p in 7days. He is not playing at the moment due to issues at PSG but at £1.09 and possibly going to Spain can only be seen as a positive. He is so undervalued at the moment if you look at other players in the midfield role. Before anyone comments I am a holder of Rabiot and think he can easily double in value once he starts playing again with a long term hold looking to triple in value. Does anyone think differently with reasons?

  • £1.09 is a decent price for Rabiot given his current predicament. Let's not forget that's £3.27 in pre SS money for a midfielder who doesn't often trouble MB or PB.

  • I read today that Madrid don't want him because they've just signed de jong so he might be coming to prem so hang on to those futures

  • @Jad1982 It's Barcelona that have signed de Jong already.

  • He is on a free transfer so will be trying to play teams off each other to get the best deal. The rumoured £400k a week Ramsey is getting from Juve show the kind of money a quality freebie can pull in. Think this will rumble on all summer, Real, Barca, Liverpool all in the mix. Price has dropped now but a bit of MB will sort that out

  • @stig7tfm you're right thanks. I actually read it wrong. he wanted to go to barca but they signed de jong so now he wants to go to madrid apparently, but they haven't offered him a contract and have cooled intrest which gives Liverpool hope. this is according to the daily mirror and not a regular reader so don't know how reliable it is

  • when he actually plays he is PB worthy.
    He is also trouble, so will get MB. PSG mb is low, but Prem press would love it, and Real/Barce get press.

  • Thanks for the responses. I think he is a great price and a definite lomg term hold. If he gets back onto the pitch and starts performing he can really push on his future value.

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