Elliot Embleton

  • Grimsby fan baffled to why Elliot is currently 70th highest price at £1.22. The lad has been on loan to us from Sunderland. He's a decent league 2 player at best...

    Is it an IPO starting at the wrong price?

  • @APH

    Scrap that- he’s 90th highest price... !

  • Yes, he was IPO'd at something like 4 times what he should have been. Which imo was well inflated anyway.

    FI acknowledged it was a technical issue and cancelled the rest of that days IPO's. Don't think there's been any since?

  • Problem is now any new ipo's are going to look ridiculously expensive since the ss as you now have top class players at sub £1 levels.
    Who's gonna buy an almost unknown player to many at those levels or probably higher.

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