Why the Beta Site is Crap!!!

  • Last week Friday, I was speaking to CS to get them to refund two payments that was missed for MB. The customer servant admitted that the Beta site was still in TEST MODE, and they were waiting for all the issues to be ironed out, before they launch it. Strange that they haven't let traders know about this.

    So I advise that we continue to call them with all the problems we see, so that they will end up with a platform that is fit for purpose. I also advise that you screenshot your cash balance before you're due dividend payments just in case your transaction record says that you were paid but it wasn't transferred into your cash balance as what happened to myself and others.

  • @Londoner Not using the Beta site! Staying away

  • @Clover
    Which site works using Apple products?

  • @Londoner anything called beta will always be used for testing (think I’ve got that right) even if it’s in a live stage environment. Once Beta is removed then you know testing is no longer required. I would expect an announcment though prior to this and knowing FI probably in 2050 😉

  • Beta.... it ain't no Alpha

  • @NewUser292679 Hello there. I am not a Apple guy myself but using the normal old site is the easiest for me. Footballindex.co.uk

    There is apps also but I haven't tried that before.

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