IPD Question

  • Hi guys,

    I bought a few Jamie Vardys last week and then instant sold a few mins after he scored against Bournemouth last weekend but never got any dividends on Wednesday.

    Did I do something wrong?
    Was i supposed to hold until after midnight and then sell?

    Any advice would be of a great help as I'm confused about this.

    Cheers lads

  • @TomSelleckFI hi mate, yes you need to hold after midnight that night to ensure you get the dividends, for IPD you can buy them at any time during the day

  • @Shippers Right I see I had a feeling that's what went wrong

    Thanks very much for the response mate👍👍

  • @Shippers hi mate, so to clarify, boetius has scored 1 and got 2 assists tonight and is looking likely to win the match day bonus. If shares were bought before midnight, the ipds for the above will all count as long as you don’t sell before midnight?

    Could you then sell after midnight and still get the ipd’s? This is what I have understood when reading the rules...

  • @MVViolaris hi mate correct you will get the inplay dividends as long as you’ve bought the player in the last 30 days and hold until midnight tonight. For PB you will of needed to of purchased the player prior to 2pm and again if you sold before midnight you would loss out on this

  • @TomSelleckFI no problem bud

  • Just be aware other traders will have the same idea and his price will drop rapidly after midnight, no-one will be buying so you'll have to IS (so all IPDs wiped out) and you'll have to pay 2% commission. So really only worth doing if you can beat the rush after a goal is scored.

  • Wait am I reading that correctly? So if you instant sell a player and say they got in play dividends a week before yet you quick sell them a few days later the in play dividends you've won gets wiped from you?

  • thank god haha my bad XD

  • @benmorley24 no, as long as you hold the player at midnight of the day he scored then you get the IPD. As far as I'm aware there are no circumstances in which dividends are taken back after being paid. Unless it is by some sort of error I guess and even then they probably won't do it

  • @TraderJ okay cheers bro, I had a brain fart haha. Thought that was the case

  • @benmorley24 Haha no worries mate

  • @AT10 for some stupid reason this never went though my head at the time of the purchase! Thanks for this, although it’s obvious and I should have really known....I didn’t! Luckily it was an inexpensive mistake- I instant sold my 100 shares for an overall £1.30 loss! I couldn’t take the risk of sitting on this guy hoping to benefit from another IPD within the next 30 days because his price is likely to fall through the floor.

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