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  • After confirmation of transfer it seems from looking at VVD the price takes quite a hammering downwards however with VVD a player who’s a defender for £2-64 was obviously going to get a price correction on the market. My question is this what happens when say for example if/when tosun goes to Everton? If his price is under £1-10 what sort of a drop can be expected and what if he hits the ground running? What’s anyone thoughts on this who’s been on the index longer than me who is new? Much appreciated Dave

  • Generally with that sort of move you don't see a downward price adjustnent. It's mainly big prem league names that get over inflated on transfer gossip and then cashing out once announced

  • VVD is quite interesting.. I purchased him at 1.75 with the view to selling him amidst the transfer speculation... I actually cashed out a little early for around 2.05 (missing out on a few MB buzzes and his spike at 2.64) but cashed out because i actually don't rate him that highly... and only brought him because i knew his stock would rise over the speculation so I could easily flip.... I'm quite surprised he's dropped back so quickly but with someone like Tosun I don't think you'll get quite as much media interest so his stock won't rise as much as it did with VVD, perhaps it will go up to 50p more before a slight fall then it will be form dependent, if he does ok (like most Everton players do) then £1.40 would be respectable... If VVD does well at Liverpool no doubt his price could climb back to over 2.00 but the expansive way in which they play could see him struggle to settle and he may fall even more? So could be a lot more volatile than someone playing week in week out and playing well, which is probably why so many cashed out when they did!!!!

  • @dannypea

    I Danny I see your logic then I first seen Tosun join the index at 70p I got x 50 thinking it’s a bet to nothing. And I’ve kept nibbling away till I’ve got 250 at a 85p price accross the board like you say with Everton players they do alright especialy strikers over the years. Rooney Lineker Lukakku (sorry bad spellings) all forwards... unlike clubs like spurs who have bought flops like Armstrong bent Rebrov Lorrente Janson Soldado Rasiak who couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo! My logic is I was thinking flip 50 keep 200 hoping for him to ign for Merseyside Darby and score or bag a few braces or a hatrick has we seen the effect of Rooney’s hat trick putting 50p on his shares I always thing at 25/27 years these players have the 3 years of a shared life without getting too old

  • @NewUser93040 hat trick in the Merseyside derby hahahaha

  • hahaha i think one important factor is that he has to be a good player to warrant your investment. If not he'll only decrease in value? Do you see him improving Everton? Do you see him playing in the first team? To be honest I don't know much about him so have stayed clear of, but I like players like Vlasic & Calvert-Lewin who all have potential to hit the £1.40 level just by performing at the club they are at... If you've brought at 0.70 & 0.85 then you've got a good chance to double your investment with a couple of good performances? Thats what I would be looking to do unless you can be sure he has a long and succesful EPL future ahead of him? I suppose only performances can tell?

  • You need to look at where the player fits in with similar players.

    Van Dijk is basically a £1.50 player that got inflated due to the media hype. Now the media speculation of a future transfer has gone then the market corrected. He is trading above the £1.50 you would expect for a Liverpool defender because of the possibility of media buzz due to the 75m tag.

    Tosun hasn't really been inflated so there shouldn't need to a correction till we know what role and impact he willhave.

  • I was hopeing for a him to gain another 5p between now and tomorrow with it being the Merseyside Derby then if they get transfer over the line and he scores on his debut would be good for media buzz and price increase for a couple of days getting back 10% of outlay. VVD I agree seems about right price now I think many would love to buy him at about £1.50 has with the price tag he should be in media a few more times yet

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