Strange Times? Opinions please.

  • Well after the buzz and euphoria of the share split, we're experiencing the 'come down'.
    Lots of players prices falling and settling at their current market value.
    Psychologically, it's not great looking at your 7-day figure and seeing it in the red, even though you know it went up more immediately post SS.
    Do people expect huge drops/increases depending on Champions League/Europa results? Or do values at the moment reflect this uncertainty?
    What will the announcement be in April by FI? We know it relates to Summer Media Buzz but has anyone got any educated predictions?
    Do you feel FI are happy with the SS and how the market has reacted?

  • People are taking advantage of ipd’s for the last few games of the season thats why the big players have dropped.( mainly because os raise divs)
    Before the end of the season the ipd players will be worthless so the more expensive players will rise again because they have media value during the summer, it’s just a cycle.

  • Guess it just depends on your portfolio really. I've not really had any red in my 7 day tracker since the split.

  • I have been here 3 months and my target is 5% a year, to beat a bank account.
    On my total deposits, that is £72.50 (though I didn't deposit all at once, that is the easiest way I can calc it).
    I am currently £207 up in first 3 months, and £2 down this month. So I can 'afford' to drop/stay at current profit, for a long while yet.
    I am not greedy, and am beating my targets and so happy with my performance.

    As an added target, I am targeting £25 a month profit now too, and when I stop hitting that target, I will withdraw 66% of my portfolio, as I am paying interest to have it here. Again, I am far surpassing that target.

  • I've withdrawn about £3500 over the last two weeks as at the moment I'm losing money on most of my futures and didn't have a good idea of who to put more on. I havent sold any of the big boys tho as I feel they will pay me back in MB over the remainder of the season and then summer.

    If market looks on the up again I will put money back in.

  • @Vespasian32
    Mate if I had that available i’d be lapping up the big dogs at their current prices! But can you wait until after the 26th when I get paid so I can take advantage before you jack up the prices? Thanks x

  • @Specksynder I already have 300 pog, neymar, kane, sancho, sterling, mbappe... 300 is my ceiling as they are quite volatile... I've lost over £100 on pretty much each of them in the last couple of weeks.

    Also it would take about £7k to move neymar or pogba 1p 😂

    I've got £60 in balance at the moment... A few weeks ago that would have lasted less than a minute before I chucked it on a player... But I've been looking at it all morning thinking... Who is worth it? Waiting for a goal in fiorentina game to kick me into action... Or just withdraw it

  • As said above, it’s just a cycle. My 7 day losses say £180 but in reality I’m down £6-700 since last week. I’ve no idea how they calculated that £180 figure to be honest. No need to panic though as I’m confident my port will be back to where it was and beyond in a month or so.

  • It was sort of anticipated. Everyone hammered the big boys post split and I guess a lot have sold some off taking the profit to put in young players or IPDs.
    I do have a varied portfolio. MB beasts, young up and coming European players and players I think will be getting that big move over Summer.

  • My port has dropped £500 just in last two days. Nothing new. Cycles are part of the deal. Was worse in Oct/nov when the Footie was dropping 200 points a day. Those that weathered that particular storm got the huge rewards that came in the following months.

  • @LABoxers85 I'm guessing none of your players are top 20, bar maybe foden/kean :)

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