• Apologies for being lazy here, but I am not spending much time on FI or the forum at the moment. Isn't there an announcement due soon from FI, and if so does anybody know the date and any inkling of what it might be about?

  • 15 April

  • @Friedeggs said in Announcement:

    15 April


  • @CraigM I think the general consensus seems to be that the announcement will be related to MB dividends in someway and potentially what is going to happen over the summer

  • I think they will open up MB to Top 5, at least that’s what I hope. No doubt FI had in mind that SS would entice new users, therefore opening up MB would be a way to keep them interested when the season ends

  • @adam1984
    What do you envisage the dividend breakdown to be in that situation? I can’t imagine they would give the top player 5p or 4p so soon after the Share Split so there would have to be some shared values I suppose:

    1st - 3p
    2nd and 3rd - 2p
    4th and 5th - 1p

    What do you think?

  • They should spend all the money they won’t be spending on PB and IPD on MB. That would make for an interesting summer.

  • @Specksynder Possibly yes. I think regardless of what the announcement is, anything related to MB will only make Pogba’s current price very appealing, as I expect he will 🚀

  • Have they actually confirmed it will be MB related? Or just that it will be dividend related? It could be that they will offer PB and IPD for Copa America and Nations League or something like that.

  • @Specksynder as far as I'm aware they are already offering for Nations league, somebody please correct me if I'm wrong though

  • They've said there will be changes for Summer MB.

    Anything positive should keep the market trading and stop a summer sell-off and withdrawal of funds.

    I'd go along with the top 5 selection. Or a top 3 split between forward,mid, def.

  • Or top three with double dividends

  • Anyone think the announcement could be the trialling of MB on European news sources?
    Make it a separate pool from normal MB to avoid any adverse effect on the current investments/bets.
    This would be fantastic, would explain the recent shorting of the big MB players to a degree. Not that it would adversely affect their dividend potential (probably the opposite) but it would make big Bayern/Madrid/Italian players etc. more valuable. Something like-
    1-MB in its current form.
    2-European news sources 1,2,3 half dividends.

  • Maybe its they are opening it up to every player and not just the top 200....or have I read that, that is something they are planning to do anyway?


    Maybe its the women's world cup!!!!!! Hay, hay, hay, eh, heard it here first!

  • FI will want to protect the established top end players to re-assure the existing user-base but also cause a shake-up at the same time to encourage market activity.

    I thought of an in-play style MB system for the summer where a MB is paid out at timed intervals (say every 3 hours) then the scores are reset. Would be looking at small but more regular pay outs and an overnight shutdown would be required where few articles are published.

    Not going to happen but thought i'd share my daydream.

  • @Chris-J this^

  • @Specksynder nations league has had IPD on it so far. I would be particularly put out if they decided now to do PB for either of the summer tournaments on such short notice.

  • Do you think some/many people have sold and withdrawn funds in the hope that the announcement will be another deposit bonus?

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