2 questions

    1. Why do people invest in a player when he has just scored, surely they would not get the in play dividends from it?

    2. How do the pump and dumpers make money? Are they just really on others trying to jump on the bandwagon thinking something is happening and then they sell? Seems risky

    1. Yes you get IPD if you buy the shares before midnight

    2. You answered your own question correctly there

  • @Coleyscrooge

    1 is a bit of a hack then isn't it? Wait for a cheapish player to score a couple of goals...

  • @Ricky If a player scores a couple of goals and you don't already own and decide to jump on then you are likely to get burnt, I bought someone yesterday that scored 2, got paid for the 2 goals =2p but his price is now -4p for me, I was aware that this would happen, but i bought because I believe he'll score again in next few games, that's when I'll market sell... if you get me ?

  • @Ricky you have to get the timing just right. The player price will spike just after they score, and then fall back after midnight when the IPDs have been paid. If you’re not careful you’ll lose more on the share price than you make on the dividends

  • So just to clarify, if a player scores at say 2pm and i buy and hour later id get ipd due that player?

  • @Ricky well, you can buy that cheap player...Oudin for example. Scores most weeks for Reims.....45p. You will get the 1 or 2p IPD's depending on what he does on the pitch, but then you still have to sell. And unless there's a Q to buy him, that means either Instant Selling - likely at a loss - Or holding until someone else Does want to buy.
    Buying after a goal for IPD's is IMO risky

  • Yes I understand. I am thinking of the sub 20p players and jumping on as soon as they score if I am quick enough , I might try it a few times and see how I get on. Thanks

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