What are “futures”

  • Hey all. Just started today and looking on my portfolio each player has a “futures” number next to them. What does this mean? Did try to see if it says in the faq but it wouldnt load up. Cheers

  • shares - how many of the player you 'own'

  • @mike778 Ahh ok thanks. So obvious now i see it!

  • ha ha - its just Football Index using fancy sounding financial terms. Technically you are buying a future bet that the player will win dividends in the next 3 years (although if you sell the bet then the 3 year clock restarts).

  • Futures like pointed out is a future performance of a player over a 3 year time frame with a opertunity to cash out early. The difference between this and other investments like bitcoin and shares on main stock markets is you learn has you go and everyone thinks there players are the best and will make them rich the fun part is once you buy you learn the engineering off other investors has you go. A great game so far I’d not have a clue on cryptocurrancys but this even a idiot like me understands

  • you're betting on the future price of a player, specifically 3 years after the bet is placed. cash out for a profit or loss before or ride out the whole 3 years. Beware, futures expire after three year, so make sure to sell them before that date, otherwise monies are lost!

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