Morgan Gibbs White

  • I have missed the boat with a few players and I am looking for the next young English player to boom, this guy seems like he could be the one to break through soon according the news articles. I am after the opinion of people that have actually seen him play as I have not.

  • @Ricky He's a quality player. another one from that WC squad that will become a prem star and full international. He played alot around Christmas period but since Feb, he has been used much more sparingly, I’m not sure why tbh, possibly as they have been really pushing for a top 7 finish and Nuno trusts the more established players. From what he has shown already though, he is extremely talented and ‘should’ go on to be real star. If someone swoops for Neves this summer, he will get a big boost as surely leads to more game time next year, even if a replacement is bought. Neves is exceptional so understandable MGW is backup right now. All in all, he is still cheap and well worth a long term hold with his potential and the English youth market sentiment here..

  • Agreed that Gibbs-White seems to have alot of talent! The fact that an overseas manager pushing for a Europa League place is even giving him game time tells you how highly rated he is at Wolves. It's not like the are financially poor and couldn't go out and buy someone else if they didn't rate him.

    I can't remember the last time England had a generation of players aged say 17-20 who are all tipped to be such stars. The future is definitely bright for England and as such these young English players could all prove shrewd holds

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