Liverpool and Barcelona linked with a move for Wolves wonderkid

  • And for those that are not as bitter as a salty sea dog well done!!! Liverpool & Barcelona sniffing according to the news. Lots of us have took the time to watch this wonder talent and invest. The haters will hate. Why no idea we are here to help each other. Probably pump and dumpers that missed this talent. £1 by May no danger

  • For all the salty sea dogs I suggest looking at Vinagre’s brother... Zoltan

  • This post definitely wins a prize for the most appearances of the term ‘salty sea dogs’. I’m not sure I’m 100% on what they are, but I hope there’s now a drinking game for when it starts to appear in other threads too...

  • @NewUser209355 - you need to get yourself a username if you want your pumps to be taken more seriously. I would suggest something Pirate related?

  • @NewUser209355 Hi 209355, I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn down that kind offer - I don't know where it's been.

    Partly, I find it hard not to make that Dad Joke when I see Vinagre's name. But also, it seems 99% of your posts are entreating other traders to buy a narrow band of Wolves players. You may well have a point - but if all you pop in here to do is pump your holds then people do tend to notice, and it may prove counter-productive.

  • the Wolves wonderkids prices will fly now they are the FA Cup Final

  • Doing very nice 👍

  • tad boring now tbh, Most of us could come on and keep pumping a cheap player we've bought in the hope of catching a few fish. Most don't though

    liverpool and barcelona

    Alba must be crapping himself. Another CL medal will be scant consolation when he has to battle with Vinagre for that No3 shirt

  • #Yawn

    Still going on about Vinagre!? Most people make a suggestion/recommendation and then leave it at that, they don't keep constantly pimping the lad out.

  • I sold my Vinagre for profit on Monday to make way for genuine PB league transfer propects. Vinagre is going nowhere. Wolves are not going to sell him. Next season if he plays more regularly and is on form, I might get back on him.

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