Mb idea!

  • Ditch the Media Diva and introduce a transfer window. Increase inplay divs to compensate and have transfer window say 1st march - 30th April. Oct 1st - Nov 31st. Any players purchased during the periods above who are in your portfolio at the end of the actual transfer window gets a payout of 5p per share. IPDs extended in these periods so you can hold a player from 1st March until 1st September and qualify for IPDs on those in your portfolio. Likewise from 1st October -1st February. Outside of that continue with 30 day holds.

    1/ This would negate crap media stories making a farce of the media divs.
    2/ would add interest to Summer transfers especially.
    3/ Encourage holds for those buying for transfer Divs.
    4/ Encourage those playing for IPDs all season with bigger payouts
    5/ Make the muddy waters of media bull alot clearer by not having them.
    6/ Increase customer base as the whole platform would be football related,Bigger IPds providing the daily interest, transfer window divs providing long term interest.
    7/ Improve investment with each investor having to decide on who is actually going to move and who isn't.
    8/ No payout on loans, No payout on free transfers, Payouts only on transfers completed during the transfer windows.
    9/ Investors paid 1st February and 1st September. Meaning minimum hold for Summer being 5 months and minimum hold for January being 2 Months.
    10/ Players holding for a transfer may ,as now ,decide to IS before qualifying for dividends due to lack of IPDs , players not playing or suffering a lack of form all of which earn FI commission. 1000 shares would pay out £50 for one transfer. Which may or may not be recovered by IS but the potential increase in customers investing in the platform could generate the capitol that would more than cover any Transfer Market Dividend payouts. Imagine the hustle around the FI deadline days with customers investing last minute on their picks and then the anticipation throughout. All the while watching the matches cheering their transfer picks on for increased IPDs and capitol growth. More exciting in my opinion than having your media divs decided on wether or no Mo Salah shaved his beard off or not.

    Admittedly I have no idea how much work ,nor how the maths for FI would work regarding providing growth and profit as a business but IMO a Transfer Window dividend combined with increased IPDS would be more engaging than relying on fabricated half arsed media reports centred on a small group of players being in the papers not necessarily football related. Using the transfer window Dividend would keep everything football related and although media driven it would also require research skills and luck on the part of the investor.

  • @Frankie66 said in Mb idea!:

    Any players purchased during the periods above who are in your portfolio at the end of the actual transfer window gets a payout of 5p per share

    I don't get this. So whoever you buy, and however many of them, as long as you keep them in your portfolio for the duration of the transfer window you get 5p a share?

  • @Specksynder Only if they are transferred ! You are speculating on who will get transferred during a transfer window using your gut, media and some luck to decide who to buy In the FI window. Those that you buy will payout only if they are still in your Portfolio at the end of the actual transfer window. I stated some figures to give an idea these would obviously need to be fine tuned by FI for the benefit of investors and FI.

  • @Frankie66

    Ah I see! Thought it sounded a bit generous!

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