Media Mud Pie!

  • Ditch the Media Diva and introduce a transfer window. Increase inplay divs to compensate and have transfer window say 1st march - 30th April. Oct 1st - Nov 31st. Any players purchased during the periods above who are in your portfolio at the end of the actual transfer window gets a payout of 5p per share. IPDs extended in these periods so you can hold a player from 1st March until 1st September and qualify for IPDs on those in your portfolio. Likewise from 1st October -1st February. Outside of that continue with 30 day holds.

    1/ This would negate crap media stories making a farce of the media divs.
    2/ would add interest to Summer transfers especially.
    3/ Encourage holds for those buying for transfer Divs.
    4/ Encourage those playing for IPDs all season with bigger payouts
    5/ Make the muddy waters of media bull alot clearer by not having them.
    6/ Increase customer base as the whole platform would be football related,Bigger IPds providing the daily interest, transfer window divs providing long term interest.
    7/ Improve investment with each investor having to decide on who is actually going to move and who isn't.
    8/ No payout on loans, No payout on free transfers, Payouts only on transfers completed during the transfer windows.
    9/ Investors paid 1st February and 1st September. Meaning minimum hold for Summer being 5 months and minimum hold for January being 2 Months.
    10/ Players holding for a transfer may ,as now ,decide to IS before qualifying for dividends due to lack of IPDs , players not playing or suffering a lack of form all of which earn FI commission. 1000 shares would pay out £50 for one transfer. Which may or may not be recovered by IS but the potential increase in customers investing in the platform could generate the capitol that would more than cover any Transfer Market Dividend payouts. Imagine the hustle around the FI deadline days with customers investing last minute on their picks and then the anticipation throughout. All the while watching the matches cheering their transfer picks on for increased IPDs and capitol growth. More exciting in my opinion than having your media divs decided on wether or no Mo Salah shaved his beard off or not.

    Admittedly I have no idea how much work ,nor how the maths for FI would work regarding providing growth and profit as a business but IMO a Transfer Window dividend combined with increased IPDS would be more engaging than relying on fabricated half arsed media reports centred on a small group of players being in the papers not necessarily football related. Using the transfer window Dividend would keep everything football related and although media driven it would also require research skills and luck on the part of the investor.

  • Won’t happen

  • @Manu OK ! Probably won't but just an idea. Any reasons why it couldn't work and therefore wouldn't happen in your opinion. Does it sound interesting ?

    1. Players like pogba would drop say 75 percent. How would you compensate their owners. You would probably need to repay out on price before the announcement without commission which would be a massive expense.

    2. What do you do in international breaks ? No payouts ?

    3. During the the summer, the index thrives on transfer rumours. Trading for a 5p transfer bonus will not in anyway stimulate trading the way the current system does as people .

    Nice try but you would need to get past number 1 before even worrying about whether it's good for FI and even then it's probably not. So completely unworkable.

  • Terrible idea 👎

  • Worst idea ever would trash the index overnight

  • @mike778 He may drop anyway as a move abroad ,lack of goals and a tendency to lose form as at United means he's overvalued anyway. Transfer interest drives media buzz anyway so plenty would be buying Pogba at the moment anyway as a transfer likely so I don't see much change in him anyway. If I was right compensation wouldn't need paying.

  • @Kaned-again OK that's your Opinion but any constructive comments welcome🤔 Often bad Initial ideas become extremely interesting when you think about them👍FI ,Betfair and Apple for instance.😁

  • @Ericali Any valid reasons for your comment🤔

  • @mike778 Have IPDs in all internationals, as far as transfer window sagas you will still have them if you correctly built your portfolio without having to listen to media driven bull. Gives you more time to concentrate on international IPDs. Nations League, U21 Euros etc this Summer and preparing ports for new season. Media attention will be concentrating on 5-10 players transfers and divs will be restricted to a small proportion of players. Whereas your transfer window picks will be of interest to you and could be as many as you like. More interesting to the masses less interesting to those who go all in on top players for the Summer and looking to cash in. This makes it more interesting for everyone.

  • @Frankie66 I'll go for the short version as I'm in Cambodia right now and already one or two drinks deep. (Paid for with last years substantial profits btw)

    Media buzz has always been the most predictable div. This is the reason that regular winners command such a high price. To remove that and replace it with this transfer based div would cause huge crashes across the top 20 with a mass withdrawal dropping the index to a point where it would probably never recover.

    An IPD increase would do nothing to solve this as I've pointed out in the past IPDs are worthless to high price players as once you factor in commission and the increase of short term trading there is very little profit to be made.

    I wish i had something constructive to add but imo it's just a really bad idea.

  • @Frankie66 As far as being good for FI adjustments of IPDs and a transfer dividend would need to be number crunched by them. To say it is unworkable is your Opinion but we don't have any accounts to be able to confirm that.. Only FI knows that definitely. Thanks for your input.

  • @Kaned-again Thanks for you input, wouldn't the current high price players be replaced by other players rising as they become transfer targets for bigger clubs. As most of the high price players are in most portfolios transfer interest would generate more topping up and more new investment. Yes the spread would be more significant on players likely to be moving but media attention would still factor as the main instigator of investment. The difference being media stories published to fill column inches that are only football related because a footballer was involved would become irrelevant. There would be no guessing as to who might the star publish a story on, who's been out drinking till 2 in the morning, who farted in the bath etc. Black and White if any of your picks get transferred during the transfer window you get dividend payouts.

  • The thing is, if a player is settled at a club, then they would have zero equivalent value to what they have in MB. Several safe bets would plummet. Any player that has signed a contract would plummet, any player once the transfer is complete would plummet. And there isn't anything to suggest the value would move elsewhere and can only be bad for the index and would probably lead to people pulling out their money as their secure holds are going down the pan.

    MB is a great we to get people trading when there isn't games going on, someone already mentioned how this would particularly harm the market during international break. Anything that kills the value of what are scene as safe bets is not going to be good for the market.

  • Also, if there is a slow window, its again going to reduce the value of players. With MB you know that there is always going to be news and there is going to be value on the index.

  • In short, if you are reducing the value of peoples investments, and reducing the value of investing, it is not good for the index

  • Also, if your paying out the dividends for just successful transfers, its not just the BS stories you are cutting out, its a whole host of genuine football media and fun football media. Speculation will have less value because so many rumors don't end up in a transfer. It just seems really bad across the board.

    Decreasing the amount of ways we can get paid is also not good for the index. Less dividends, less investment and less capital appreciation.

  • How is it reducing anything. Any movement is driven by investment. This has nothing to do with reducing investment. Those who have already invested would lose media dividends as they wouldn't exist. The IPDs would be priced to be more lucrative and if you have any already in your port that are likely to be transferred you have more dividend opportunities. The value of each player will adjust according to performance ,implied value and transfer speculation as it does now , it would just shift the focus to football only and not media stories we all know are half truths and the rest a fart in the air.

  • @NewUser303261 speculation would still be a major role to play as this is what would drive your transfer picks. Keeping updated with a players recovery from injury , players form and all the other important information needed to make sound investments would all still be relevant and all media used to make solid portfolio picks as always. The investors would still be able to enjoy that and it is a necessary ingredient for successful trades. It would however negate the waffle that seems to be included as media buzz and irrelevant to a site where traders trade on the players abilities and their implied value.

  • Any player that has value in part because of MB would lose value because they have lost their MB value. Particularly if they are at a settled club. Your assuming that media value should be down to transfers alone. That would mean that someone like Messi who's never going anywhere has no media value.

    You'd also be missing out on the MB value of young players making their international debuts.

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