Media Mud Pie!

  • Again 5p A Share twice a year. On mbs have a look at the top of the Media Rankings right now. How is that possible. That is the media bias as the usual suspects mop up a dividend based on what. What have they done to attract that media and it makes a mockery when a player like Felix scores a hatrick in a top European tournament and it is likely he will get nowhere near media divs. I am a Messi holder and yes I'll take the dividend payout as that's the rules we play by. I still think rewarding players for performance is farer and more transparent than mbs. Again upset the investors da,da,da is your concern but I still can't see how because it would increase earnings for all of them.

  • @Earshavewalls You can't see how it would upset them, even though they are all telling you it's a terrible idea. And you can't see how removing one of the biggest selling points that make this platform unique, like daily dividends, would make it less appealing. As well as giving traders no reason to keep trading when there are not games.

    Making it "fairer" doesn't mean much if traders are leaving. Which all traders that are commenting are saying they would do. If you can't convince the overwhelming majority of traders this is good for them they index plummets. Even if the ideas arnt stupid

  • We also have got unhappy ones taking there money out now and will continue to unless it is made more attractive to new investors who have suffered a serious hit over the past 2 weeks. You ca n keep saying people hate it but it's easy to jump on the have go ,shoot this guy down train but there will be many who are more interested in facts than hot air that will take my suggestion and be sitting their considering, doing the numbers and coming to a reasoned conclusion instead of spouting out the same posts with the same mis quotes and the same assumption that everyone thinks the same. Your keep posting is great because I get to repeat my take on my idea and why it's a good one and as the post count rises more will have a look and more will consider it. Thanks for your efforts keep it up .😁

  • @Earshavewalls yes that's why the index has continued to grow consistently month afer month and looks to keep growing.

    Yes more people keep seeing it. And no one likes it still.

  • @NewUser303261 why are you still nibbling?

  • @NewUser303261 traders that leave would be replaced by others who join and others who see past the negatives. If a thousand joined today only 10% would be still here in 3years so turnover is turnover. It's the same with all forms of gambling. We are all fickle and those that gamble are more so than any other. They move from platform to platform exploring and searching for the holy grail. We have all done it. Betfair is the biggest platform and with its turnover it is touted that only 2% with accounts are in profit at any one time. We are not talking lah lah land portfolio profits but actual cash balance profit, how many on here if they added their balance and portfolio IS together and deducted it from there initial investments would be in profit. Would the Media dividends on 98% of their holdings be more than a 1/2%. How many of their portfolios are being touted for transfers this Summer, how many players shares will rise due to transfer speculation. I would guess if you have 20 in your portfolio 5-10 are in line for a move. A vast %of them won't get a sniff of a media dividend yet yet they all stand a chance of a transfer. I threw a 5p a share figure out as an example maybe it's not enough but only FI would know a workable figure would be. The same is true of the IPDs but if your give a media dividend reward to such a small percentage of placers who are invariables those priced at the top end of the scale you are cutting out the very people who FI want to attract. They want the guys off Betfair and the bookies but they won't come if the platform is functioning around those with thousands buying thousands of the top players pumping their prices out of the reach of the average Joe with a couple of hundred quid. Pogba is a better example of a player without media would be a poor investment. Yet the whales have pumped and pumped earning media on top of capitol on a player with little substance when higher quality players or players with more consistency are being bought by those with smaller banks and only having pb and IPD to play for as they are not gonna get ant media. Unfortunately money talks and moves markets but there are fewer with money at the top than there are at the foot of the mountain but a change such as I am suggesting or something like it would include those that have just signed up and attract many more and you will lose fewer investors than you think because those with big money have contingencies and adjust to markets changes easier than you think.

  • @NewUser303261 how many now then 15-20 hardly a landslide. When we got more voters than posts or you come up with something more convincing than its rubbish no one likes the I'll take head but hey it is on here now so I suppose it's gone or going better than expected really.😉😉😉

  • @Earshavewalls 9of the 14 posts on your topic have actually been ours so you actually have 5firm backers from that little endeavour and a few on here as I said keep pumping the topic it may come alive as a genuine way forward. Maybe that's why your doing it it's reverse psychology, you wanna piece of the muddy pie😁🥠🥧🥧🍴

  • @mike778 Grandma PLease! WotDYA meen mun!!! DU itKin Matta! COF, OO Nids UR Crudabitty ONLLY CruD ablty Ined ES n Mi POrt. KnebOND.

  • WATCH THIS SPACE!! IN all seriousness I have been taking most of your comments on board and do understand your horror at having MBs away. That horrible feeling of dread when you think of what you are going do on those cold lonely nights with no dividends to sit up and wait for. Its that feeling we have all had when the Wife has left us, or the Girlfriend has kicked you into touch, Eh I'll get pissed, What am I gonna do with myself, I feel ya guys, I do.

    So ! GUESS WHAT ! Ive only gone and done it ! I have cracked how to put the light back into your dreary miserable FI MB obsessed lives, put a smile on your faces ! Just as we asked MR Fantasy to Sing A Song, Make it Snappy and Make us all happy, Just as Blind Faith did I am Mr Fantasy, Bringing joy.


    The revised proposal ! with MBs ( Sort OF) restructured dividends and not a day without them. No Nibbling just taking a keen interest in my fellow investors on FI. Your friendly helping hand.

    Dont worry I won't want your gratitude or need any credibility in FI FI land I have a real world where I have enough of that Thanks. So even after 50 posts from the same person and probably the same in replies on top of which a sum total of 170 posts I get picked up on my grammar. The word Grammar slipped out of the dictionary 40 years ago along with any meaning it had. Have you seen a 16 year olds text message lately. Yet still I have been working away so that you guys could have your wish and can celebrate a victory.(SORT OF)

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