Media Mud Pie!

  • @Ericali Your Opinion but not really with any substance if I may say. You speak for big fish but I am sure like you I don't know any. The thing with the big fish is they like risk and taking chances now if an opportunity to make money on a possible transfer is there they would see that as a good trade against lumping money on a player and crossing there fingers that all the media hacks are gonna jump on their boy for a day or two.

  • @Frankie66 enough people have argued the point why your idea wouldn't be a success on the platform. It's clear you disagree - which is fine 👍we aren't a dictatorship here & your fine to air your views.

    But I would suggest maybe you could run with this idea of yours if you could get the IT nous to set up & implement your idea. If you're correct you will soon have a thriving business at your fingertips. 👌

  • Nah not for me...👎

  • I don't think traders will see it that way for the reasons ive given, so we can agree to disagree.

    The thing about a market, is its health is totally reliant on the confidence traders have. If they think its healthy, they will invest, if they think its losing value they will pull there money out.

    Even if my assessment is wrong, which I don't think it is, the general reaction has not been positive. If this reaction is typical (and I expect it would be) a lot of money will be pulled out of the index.

    Even if I am wrong about that, anyone that gets a significant portion of there profit from MB will be getting told that they are losing a strong portion of their profit, I cant imagine that an increase in IPD will stop them from pulling out their money.

    Furthermore, I expect having zero dividends paid out on any day (apart from the 2 days at the end of the window) there are no games would be terrible for the market.

  • "Furthermore, I expect having zero dividends paid out on any day (apart from the 2 days at the end of the window) there are no games would be terrible for the market."
    @NewUser303261 you don't have to "expect" this - I can confirm this would be the case 👍

    I'm baffled why people join the platform (after presumably reading the rules) then complain they think the rules should be changed.

    It's the same rules for all - people who read them & act accordingly shouldn't be penalised by people who probably neglected them & want to change the status quo.

    Baffled. 🙄

  • It's not that I am slugging away at this for the fun of it but all the negatives leveled at it so far haven't had any meaningful data or substance to prove it's worth as an idea one way or the other. Assuming prices will tumble or FI would go bust is purely flipent.
    Maybe if a moderator reads this and sees something in it it may go further but surely an improving and evolving the platform is FI goal and any ideas would be considered. If someone could diffinitively write off the idea as unworkable then great.

  • @Frankie66 I thought this had already been touted as a bad idea by the general consensus reaction of the forum responses? 🤔

    Maybe not.... 😐

  • Sancho goes to Man Utd from Dortmund.

    You get 5p a share for his transfer - but once the transfer goes through he is likely to be at Utd for a large portion (if not all) of his career. So you keep hold of your £6 share to win your 5p dividend but then your share is rendered worthless.

    In fact, being shrewd I look even further ahead & think im not holding onto this £6 share for a miserly 5p "win" I'm going to get shut pronto before the transfer goes through rather than being stuck with a share worth nothing for the 3 year holding so I put them up for sale - problem is Dave next door has already worked out this scenario & now my shares won't even sell to market! 😭


  • @Ericali I enjoy FI and have great fun but as the founders are always stating it is still young and improvements will be made. I am an investor first and as such find the platform satisfies my passion for risk, fun and football. I have only one area I think can be improved and that is media buzz. As you rightly say I joined and as any intelligent investor would I read the rules and play to them. However having an idea to maybe improve a platform I already enjoy is natural in my mind. I like to invest on performance and any dividends that reward that are great. IMO Media doesn't always reflect that and that's where my idea was born As far as having no dividend days is concerned I understand that could be an area needing some thought but hey that's why I aired it on here. Instead of writing it off flippantly I would hope some may think about how that particular hurdle may be ivercome.

  • Well as we are traders, not employees with access to data. but I can confirm the following.

    You are proposing that dividends be not be paid on none match days appart from 2 in the whole year.

    your are proposing to kill off an entire way of earning dividends that many traders find profitable.

    you are proposing something that would plummet the value of some of the big guns, and limit the possible long term value of some future stars.

    You are proposing something that would make the platform less lucrative and less on non match days.

    You are proposing something that traders do not like, which given how a market works does indeed mean the value will go significantly down.

    You proposed something that would kill dead the value of any non transfer related media article, including things like breaking into an international team.

    You posted something on a forum, supposedly to get opinions of other traders. Some of us have done that, and we have explained the reason for thinking this.

    Nowt wrong with throwing ideas around, but if you ask for peoples opinions of a forum, its not cool to call us flipent because you don't like our opinion. Particularly when some of us have explained in detail why we think its a bad idea.

  • @Ericali So far 31 posts only 5 different posters so yes a negative reaction from a very few posters. Hopefully some more progressively minded posters will respond with a bit more enthusiasm. You keep coming back so you are obviously waiting for me to be shot down in flames or to see if there is actually a healthy appetite for a change.

  • @Frankie66 there inline is the problem, you don't like MB and that's fine. But most of us love earning dividends through MB, it makes the index more profitable and it makes it more fun when there aren't any matches. To stop it is taking something away that is profitable and enjoyable to traders. There is no scenario where that is good for traders or the index.

  • @Frankie66 said in Media Mud Pie!:

    @mike778 He may drop anyway as a move abroad ,lack of goals and a tendency to lose form as at United means he's overvalued anyway. Transfer interest drives media buzz anyway so plenty would be buying Pogba at the moment anyway as a transfer likely so I don't see much change in him anyway. If I was right compensation wouldn't need paying.

    A drop in value because of a transfer is part of the trade you get into and should be part of the price. A drop in value because FI have changed the rules is completely different and is breaching the conditions of the bet. There is a good chance they lose the license it would be like betting on Liverpool to win and bet 365 taking your money and saying you bet on Brighton.

    People buy transfer players as they hope for a saga and multiple media wins. Not a 5p payout.

    Not actually sure why people dislike mb. If you don't like it just buy non media players. I can see why FI will want to move away from it due to issues you said but this idea is obviously unworkable.

  • @NewUser303261 Again you are talking about the transfer dividends . IPDs would be paid as usual at an improved rate compensating for the mb dividends.

  • @Frankie66 said in Media Mud Pie!:

    @Ericali So far 31 posts only 5 different posters so yes a negative reaction from a very few posters. Hopefully some more progressively minded posters will respond with a bit more enthusiasm. You keep coming back so you are obviously waiting for me to be shot down in flames or to see if there is actually a healthy appetite for a change.

    It looks to me like you have already been shot down. Like @NewUser303261 said - nothing wrong with ideas, but it also means we don't have to agree with a bad one too. 👌

    You like playing for PB & IPDs which is fine, the market caters for that. But others equally enjoy playing for MB, that's why a high percentage of the cash is invested in these media magnets.

    Each to their own.

  • @NewUser303261 I disagree with all of your comments apart from the days with no IPDs available and admit something needs to fill that void. The players being called up would see increased capitol on performance before call up which in turn garner transfer attention. Sancho for instance. As far as paying out less in dividends as I have already stated IPDs would compensate and be available daily and improve as ability to hold for longer would enable more payouts.

  • @Ericali Those media magnets are also high PB and IPDs and therefore returns would be the same as would be interest.

  • Some earn more from MB, so they will be losing out. Some like the MB game and they would be having it taken away. Its a source of money and enjoyment being removes.

    The market is great because it caters to people that want to play the PB game, the IPD game, and the MB game. Simply cutting out one of those things would be terrible for the market.

  • @Frankie66 If its the same, (its not) then why change it? Particually if that change means you are not paying dividends on non match days?

  • @Ericali Shot down by a very few posters still and your opinion is great but having not touted anything other than players like mb as you obviously do you are speaking for yourself. I am not keen and that is my take but it is a small proportion as yet so yes shot down by a long list of personal assumptions is negative but not decisive with many not having had a chance to post having not seen it yet is a little premature. Think of me as a certain prime minister who stubbornly fights on until ! Well until 😁🤔

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