I will be joined by Oli Price Bates and Footballindex AB on the FigCast tomorrow. Questions below please!

  • Hey all, I’ll be joined by Oli price Bates who is a arsenal and football blogger who trades on FI regularly, and is a regular on the Index Gain community.

    FootballindexAB is the founder of football Index edge! 👍

  • Q for Oli: Does he trade on how he thinks the market should be, or how it actually is?

  • @Keegans-Bluff Thanks mate!

  • There are 5 markets imo

    Mb/pb (elite player)

    Which one will die first! Or which area will increase most as in attract the most investment as I think a lot of traders are just unsure what to focus on at the moment.

  • @Tom77 Thanks for your question Tom!

  • With most of the top boys seeming to be going down recently how do you think the summer will effect them with no major tournament? Do you think they will go down even more and there will be a massive pump into transfer rumours?

    I don't this will be good for the index if so will be very unbalanced.

  • Do you think the way FI announces announcements is damaging to the market?

    It seems like at least a noticeable amount of people have withdrawn money or are not investing in the market in the last few weeks as this 15th April announcement approaches. If you know the goal posts are about to be moved but don't know where to, why would you risk any more of your money until you know what's changing?

    Would it not be better if FI only announced announcements (for want of better wording) perhaps just a week prior? It gives people sufficient time to make changes to their portfolio and avoids periods of stagnation or decline.

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