• @Vespasian32

    Seriously, what a terrible idea.

    Sell a premium player, miss out on MB that day and all for what? Maybe 1p or 2p gains per future if you’re lucky enough to be able to buy back in at a profit. If not and his price bounces, you’ve frozen yourself out of owning that player.

    To make matters worse, there is a Summer MB announcement due on Monday, which may result in price increases for the premium players. Not a good time to have jumped ship.

  • Ligaments again. Very concerning for Kane and hope he recovers and comes back next season

  • @ocs123
    its not terrible if you feel you can make up your loses on an alternative player in the meantime - short term....can jump back on Kane at any point.

  • @ocs123 if I bought kane back right now... I could have same number of shares and a few quid change (offset by the MB win). So every penny he drops now for me means I'm making £3 if I buy back.

    Doesn't seem like a terrible idea...

    I think he could go down significantly more... 3.75ish

  • Everyone buying Llorente too when the first thought by Poch was to stick Moura on.

  • @Tom77

    My bet is he's back before the end of season.

  • My bet is 2/3 weeks. His ankle ligaments must be knackered by now! (Speaking from personal experience, mine are shot, inevitably they become more prone to go as not as strong but heal quicker!)

  • Kane has significant lateral ligament damage to his left ankle, looks like a season ending injury. Took quite a hit on him the last 2 days, think I may top up.

  • @MJC will he back to lead the 3 lions

    Any news of him returning will be big and he’s England captain so will always be press happy

    Also if spurs don’t qualify for champs, will he be tempted to leave

  • I hold Kane, never in a million years would I sell. He’ll be back like he always is. Even with his weak ankles he’ll still be England captain and still banging them in earning me plenty of media buzz and growth. Neymar is forever out injured, has his price been effected, I think not. The impatient are the only losers on fi

  • Last time he was injured he became worth more.

    Hopefully he will be 50/50 for the Nations League so that's lots of media coverage of his medical progress ;)

    An incredibly solid hold IMO.

  • Will he hit the bottom this weekend? Looking to top up but don’t want to move too early.

  • @NewUser291369 said in Kane:

    Will he hit the bottom this weekend? Looking to top up but don’t want to move too early.

    I think he'll keep dropping at a slower rate for at least another week or two, judging from the Vinicius Jr model. His price continually dropped slowly until a 'return date' is set and then starts to pick up when they show them back on the training ground.

  • The injuries certainly inflate his media buzz potential on return from injury. His lack of mb has long been a criticism of him. The amount of times he's been accused of being boring on the forum I can't even count.

    I don't track pb scores but he is getting better and better in buildup play imo. Just think back to the england game dropping inbetween the lines and feeding sancho in first time. He's still only twenty five as well. Only improving.

    Great chance to get in on the action if you haven't so far. I missed out just before the share split as had no money and put it all on sterling. But now i can get in on the action. Great long term buy and hold for me.

  • Significant ligament damage, out until next season.
    Very slow recovery time.

  • No confirmation he’s out until next season. There waiting on more tests this week

  • @Sian said in Kane:

    No confirmation he’s out until next season. There waiting on more tests this week

    That might not be true "Sian" as you are full of shit.

    In case anyone is wondering, "Sian" is the latest incarnation of that prick "Tincan" who started the 'Panic' thread (declaring FI could be going under, causing new and gullible users to panic sell).


  • Unfortunately you have got this one wrong! 🤷‍♂️

  • @Sian said in Kane:

    Unfortunately you have got this one wrong! 🤷‍♂️

    Haha ok!! Keep up the pretence under this profile if you like 😂😂😂. I told you I wouldn't let it lie.
    Absolute moron

  • Your a bit strange?

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