Daily Game Chat Thread 10/4/19

  • Triple Match Day


    Ajax v Juventus 20:00
    Manchester United v Barcelona 20:00

  • I really like Ajax this year and would love to see them take a lead to the Juve Stadium... think they can do it.. 2-1 perhaps whilst United v Barca interests me as i never know what to expect with Man Utd?? on paper it should be a cracker, although it probably won't be? 0-1 Barca? 0-0? 1-1? i expect a cagey game although it could really be as simple as Messi being the difference?

    DF: Alba
    MF: Van der Beek
    FW: Tadic or Neres

    Should all the above happen (and in some ways i hope it doesn't) Messi, Rashford, Pogba, Ronny, Kean and anyone else half decent at football will probably drop like a bolt and we'll all lose a few hundred quid off our best futures at the current rates!!!! #HODL

  • Ronaldo starts for Juve.

    Dalot on the RW again.... Wtf!

    Fred gets another game in midfield 😭

    Why can't Lingard operate in a 3 in midfield with Pogba & McTominay? (does it for England) & why not Martial or Mata instead of Dalot.


  • @Ericali yeah I dont see fred and mctominay controlling much tonight....🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Don't think the plan is to control much. Plan is too defend and break.

    Dalot plays because he can help double up with the shit ashley young and he also offers natural width which united as a team have so little of as everyone loves to drift in (especially martial and lingard)

    Mata doesn't have the pace for the break and its not like we're gonna have that ball much so he's not the player for this game

    Trialling lingard in a three is absurdly risky in a game of this magnitude and we want pogba to have the freedom that two cdms afford him.

  • @LuaLua I don't think trialing Lingard in the 3 is the right word. He has played there plenty for England & Utd, albiet mostly under LVG. He played the whole world cup in a 3. I'd much rather have him there than Fred as he has more energy & we will need plenty of that tonight.

    Your right, maybe not the right game for Mata with the lack of pace but Martial would certainly fit the bill - we are at home after all. 👍

  • Defensive caution... back 7!!!

  • Yeh i wanted martial at first but i think lukaku can win more headers whether thats from corners or from lindelof and smalling punting it as far away from messi as possible i think he's the right choice.

    Yeh I worry about Fred too. Error prone. Altho hopefully he can showcase his range of passing on the break.

  • He's another thought... 1-0 down after 16mins

    Dalot is a converted RB playing as a RW
    Young is a converted winger playing as RB

    Just swop them! 😐

  • @Ericali appears we should have put on mata just for freekicks ahaha

  • I see Shaw has been given the first goal. Out of interest if you hold Suarez, would they pay out on him for an assist?

  • @LuaLua and for headers!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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