Exact Money

  • i have exact money for 10no futures in a player = £10.80

    why does it only allow you to buy 9? is your balance not allowed to be zero?

  • Nobody is quite sure, it seems there are two possible reasons,

    1. it’s a small technical bug - there are a few of these in the platform as it’s still very new

    2. there is speculation that behind the scenes player prices actually run to several decimal places, so although you see £10.80 his price on the platform may actually be &10.8032 (for example) so the system thinks you don’t have enough in your balance to pay

    Either way, it’s clearly not intentional from FI, just a quirk of the system. Shouldn’t make too much difference to anyone in the long run.

  • use 'buy max' and it should work

  • @Vespasian32
    thank you that worked :)

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