• People really are panicking since he started to drop.
    IS is madness with the spread on him.
    Nations League and transfer rumours in the summer, I really don't get the panic.

    Calm down everyone or indeed carry on ISing drive the price down and all the sensible people can buy more

  • I had £12 profit on sancho the day after the share split. I now have just 40p. Painful to watch

  • I'm watching his price closely - The closer he drops to CHO's value the better value he looks.

    To me his value has always been heavy inflated, he has always been one of the first to be pumped after every announcement but has very little 'substance' to his value- the majority of holders are sitting on huge profits on him after doing very little which makes him very vulnerable to price drops.

    Nations League and a summer of Man United transfer speculation should see some healthy growth ahead.

  • @NewUser297678 I had £3.3k profit in Sancho after the split - now it's £2.6k!

    Got to just hold on and he will rise again for sure. A few weeks ago people were annointing him as "the best hold on the index", and I'm not sure what's changed - he'll come good again.

  • Yeah Sancho will increase like mad, Dortmund play on the weekend also. He’s only 19 for god sake

  • Sancho will be all over the media this summer, whether he gets a move or not. United need a right side attacker and he the best prospect around. Expect after Mondays announcement, he will seem very valuable again.

  • Sancho isn't go to turn into a shit player overnight who is turning into Freddy adu, he has very good stats and already in the england team with a huge transfer at some point.
    Just remember why you brought him in the first place, this time next year we will all be talking about who is going to euro 20/20 also, sancho is going to get dividends. New users are panicking because they brought in a the top and are seeing red. All of us has been a new user at some point and I guarantee pressed the IS button in situations like this.

  • Seems like every player is dropping!!

  • A few weeks ago there were polls on Twitter suggesting people thought Sancho was the bwst/most solid hold on the index. Madness that he's fallen so far since then seeing as nothing has changed other than him being out of the news a bit, and perhaps Dortmund no longer being favourites for the Bundesliga.

    He still ticks all of the FI boxes though - so surely he will bounce back and eventually go higher than his previous high point.

  • Right hen we’ve started the ball rolling on the Sancho recovery. Anyone know else know an investment bargain when they see one? 🤔

  • @NewUser297678 ouch yes big loss could get McDonald's meals for you and partner wit that

  • @Rufio90210 the point was more my entire profit had evaporated. I wasnt complaining about how much id lost as im £75 up overall in a month on here. But sure be a dick about it why not

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