Thick morons or clever arseholes??

  • How does someone sell pogba today before the game where's the logic in that ???

  • The new trend in the market it seems.. hence why I’m getting out! My port is getting torn a new asshole.. I’ll monitor the market as an outsider and see how it goes

  • @Jad1982

    Just before a match is actually a very good time to sell a player. There will be lots of people buying, making it very easy to sell futures via the sell queue (i.e. no need to instant sell and lose money from the spread).

    Obviously if Utd win tonight and Pogba plays very well, then it could look like the wrong decision. But what are the odds of that happening? If Utd lose (more likely) and Pogba struggles, then it could look like a well timed decision.

    I'm not saying I would sell Pogba. In my view he (and almost all of the premium players on the Index) should be considered long-term (3 year) holds, but if someone wants to bank some profit they've earned from him, then now is a decent time to do it.

  • @ocs123 you made some good points, let's hope he plays a blinder tonight then!

  • Does anyone find it a little strange that although man utd play barca tonight there’s absolutely no pogba news stories. Usually there would be dozens already

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