Fernando Llorente (Im new to this)

  • How come Llorente has gone more than 100% up in value from last nights fixture?

    Only signs dup the other day so still getting my head around the whole process, I understand (I think) the dividends and the media buzz etc but just curious as to why Llorente has gone so high.

  • @NewUser332737 I'm guessing it's because people think he will play now more with Kane injured so has got a good chance to get IPD dividends over the next 30 days if he plays

  • @TraderJ Ahh ok, that makes sense. Didn't even think of that. Thank you

  • @NewUser332737 no worries👍

  • @NewUser332737 quick word of warning if you are looking at trying to get players who are due a sharp rise such as Llorente is that the index reacts incredibly quickly to things like injuries etc so you have to be early to make money. Also I would think a few people who bought him will have done so in anticipation of others doing the same and will sell up pretty quick, I know that's what I would have done had I been watching the game.

  • Getting in at a 100% rise is risky and saying that he may not start even with kane out although probably this weekend he may get a start as it's cl to follow a few days later.

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