Day Trading

  • Does anyone use the platform for constant day trading?

    At the moment I just hold players long term but fancy allocating some of my money toward constantly trading and looking for divs to keep up my interest.

    Prob not the best time to start as the season is about to end but id be interested to hear from anybody who regularly flips players and hear of their successes/failures

  • Not at the moment, come the next pay day (end of month) I am going to drop a couple of hundred quid into a 7.5 % ROI after paying out commission and just rinse and repeat - I wrote a couple of players down that I would have done so if I had, had the cash - these are the players I wrote down and the date and price at the time.


    Obviously there is the 2% commission to pay, and having to wait to sell etc, so the REAL ROI % would be lower, but I think it can be done.....maybe not day trading, but deffo weekly trading.

  • @Millerman

    Quick question - 7 of those 8 players are in England? Any particular reason for that?

  • @Millerman I like what you've said there. Some interesting points. Only thing I would disagree with is Grealish as when im talking short term I don't see him as a guy im going to flip anytime soon.

    You've obviously based this on games going on so do you think theres any real point in me contemplating short term strats now with the season about to end?

  • @playingcards1 until the trading platform opens up in other countries I personally am keeping clear, unless I see real value....I am sure other people who have more knowledge of the other 4 top leagues will find value.

    For example, there are quite a few real Frence gems that if they were playing in the Prem would be mid to high end £1.00 players.


    Just look at some of these players, all young, playing in top 5 leagues..what would Dembele be worth if he was playing in England with stats like that -a lot more than 73p. Bamba is another........

  • Considering you’ve done the research, it feels a lot more rational to buy Ligue 1 players for 70p who can win dividends, rather than Championship players for £1.71 who can’t?

    All my day trading goes through the cheap overseas strikers - with lower league English players you’re mainly holding out for transfer rumours or promotion.

  • @Dat-Asian-Boi I am hoping I can flip a few players even with the season over - there will be a few players from relegated clubs and also clubs that didn't go up (Swansea for example) to make some quick returns on.

    As for Grealish, he is an example of a player that I would have looked to make a min % return on, but because he has (until today) grown a penny or two a day - I would have just sat and watched him go.

    Again, as I have said a few times on other threads - decide what your going to do with the money we have - stick to the plan and it will work out.

    Unlike normal betting, at least we have 1,095 chances of the investment making a profit....

    Enjoy it.

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