FI Fantasy Football

  • Hi all something me and a couple of friends have been discussing “FI Fantasy Football” just wondering people’s thoughts and suggestions as I am considering contacting FI directly with the suggestion.

    So here we go....

    Quite simple really it would work as like an event system where teams must be submitted by certain time and date and wouldn’t be able to be changed till the end of the event.

    Events would run for a 30 day period obviously to coincide with FI IPD’s.

    Players and formations would all get selected before purchase, so when the whole team is ready you would have a team buy price where you can chose how many shares of the team you want. (Buying 10 shares of the team = buying 10 shares of each player in the team)

    During event you still earn all the normal media, match and IPD’s on you shares but also at the end of each 10 days the best team through the In Play data wins dividends along with a 1st 2nd & 3rd place dividend winner for the whole 30 days.

    At the end of the event (30 days) another event starts, where you can keep your players in you normal profile, sell them on or keep them in your fantasy team (if buying more team shares than kept players the extra shares will be purchased at current market prices).


    1. Once team is bought can not touch for 30days.
    2. Players can not be moved from profile to Fantasy team. Players can only be kept from previous event team or bought new.

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