• Why are so many defenders so cheap? People like Piqué/smelling/Jones/Bellerin/Varane etc well under a pound. New to the index(couple of weeks) but can’t get my head around their prices especially with the donkey that is Jonny Evans at 1.30. Any reasons why?

  • People dont want them no MB and PB is hard to get with defenders but then you have Stones at 2.38 but hes a class player imo hes got to win a few PB by the end of the season.

  • World Cup coming up? Champions league, these guys will be playing I’d of thought. Don’t own them but just seems crazy cheap... will there not be chances for PB then?
    So are you best avoiding defenders full stop?

  • @R9Kennard johnny evans keeps getting linked with a transfer to City or Arsenal which explains his price

  • So presumably he will fall if bought? And people are buying for MB? Because with WBA he’s not earning PB.

  • Dont avoid them just got to find the right players to make money off like im in Benjamin mendy class player only £1 back in a few months press like him but he will need to get in to the top 200 for MB and plays for france if he can get back in to the team for the WC.

  • @R9Kennard yeh what usually happens is all the hype and price rise comes from the transfer rumour if he moves then he will likely drop

  • I find defenders return quite a bit of dividends. If a defender scores and has a clean sheet, boom, top player of the day. Alexander arnold and otemendi has been good for me. Expect a few quid from van dijk too.

  • Defenders get less media buzz than attacking players that's just the way it is (VVD being the exception that proves the rule)

    Defensive PB is hard to win on days when there's a full fixture list generally need to tick all the PB boxes (PPG, clean sheet, GWG) and there's still some obscure fella who pips your man

  • @Harmonica me too :)

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