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  • so I initially thought grealish would be a safe option to invest in as he is in good form and expecting a prem transfer in the summer and maybe future England call ups. since I bought some futures in him though hes only gone down, at the moment by 3p, and apparently doesn't earn any match performance bonuses even though scoring the winner last night (im guessing it was only European games that counted)

    So is he worth holding on to, or should I just cut my losses and re invest as it was a large chunk of my portfolio that i could probably reinvest elsewhere if hes only going to decline..

  • Cut your losses. It’s crazy that he’s so expensive but can’t earn dividends.

  • People are buying ready for the summer and next season, remember futures last for 3yrs.

    The likelihood is that he will be in a PB league next season, add to this transfer speculation over the summer.

    I personally don’t hold, but if I did I wouldn’t get worried about a 3p drop, just as much as I wouldn’t get excited by a 3p rise

  • If FI bring in a scoring system for players trying to get others sent off, crying to the ref, diving, cheating and just being a tool....then yeah lump on.

    Otherwise, burn the futures.........

    p.s. Yes I'm a Miller and last night it stung....

    p.p.p.s I stand by line one.


  • He didn't get dividends as the Championship does not qualify. Its top 5 leagues only (Eng, Spain, France, Italy, Germany) and CL + EL that pay. He will likely be a PL player next season, but thats partly priced in already. I'd expect a rise from here, how far I'm not sure.

  • You brought a player in a non PB league because he's young, promising, looking like getting a transfer to the prem (or even promotion via the play offs looking at Villa's form) and possible England call up, which would rocket his price.

    Which part has changed?

  • He's also gone up loads in the last month or so, a 3 p drop when the market as a whole has been stagnant isn't really cause for concern.

  • @NewUser303261 good point!

  • Ive owned him for about six months, long term hold for me. If villa dont ge t promoted I think he wil move to a prem team. He will pick up MB too as well as PB in the prem.

  • @Harmonica his attitude has to change big time - he will get eaten alive in the Prem.

    Middle size fish in a middle sized pond at Villa, I hope the lad nothing but misery and pain.........

  • not dis-similar to Ozil being discussed in another thread??? certainly has ability... does he do it often enough??? I think he's much more gritty than Ozil but then he's not quite got the guile and kudos yet to warrant 400k a week contracts (which he probably thinks he's worth)...

    I know the Villa fans love him... some say he's their best player since Tony Morley!!!

    But should he get a move to the EPL... at Spurs?? he'll have splinters in his arse chatting Portuguese to Lucas Moura... Should he go up with Villa... we may see them struggle (playing open & expansively aka Fulham), we could see him do ok 'IF' they build the team around him and he delivers... but his attitude needs to be focused on football above everything 'IF' he's to go on to achieve anything near his potential!!

  • @Harmonica out of interest how many futures do you own in him?

  • @dannypea I think, even if he doesn't reach his full potential (which he very well might) there is still a lot of value in him over this year.

  • @Harmonica said in tips - Jack Grealish:

    Ive owned him for about six months, long term hold for me. If villa dont ge t promoted I think he wil move to a prem team. He will pick up MB too as well as PB in the prem.

    I'm not convinced on the 'if Villa don't go up he'll join a Prem team anyway' argument. He's earning a huge wage at Villa, just as much as he'd get in the Prem most likely, and they're his boyhood club where the team is built around him. I could only see him leaving if they get in further financial trouble and they have to sell up

  • @NewUser303261 ah from an investment perspective i've always said you don't need to own futures in a good footballer to make money.. FI doesn't work like that... you can pump an egg and people will lump on it for some serious profit!!!

    With Grealish one thing for sure is if Villa don't go up.. he'll be rumoured with a move this summer so whatever his price now that should go up and you will get dividend returns... selling on the spike of any sale maybe the best time to profit? The longer the transfer saga drags on the better for holders?

    If Villa do go up i also see a rise.. but in time I worry will that fall if he gets found out??? Regardless though, they'll certainly be media interest over him within the next 12 months as he's that sort of boy!!

  • @NewUser331141 I own 150.

  • My mates a villa fan is always raving about him and look at how much villa have improved since his return from injury.

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