Summer Tournaments

  • Summer Tournaments

    Do we know what summer tournaments are available for IPD and PB yet, as there are a few it would be nice to have an idea so I can try and pick some nice little earners.

  • Good chance we find out 7pm Monday. Look out for the announcement

  • I imagine if there are going to make any available over the summer it will be included in the announcement on Monday.

  • heres one... The International Champions Cup.... this is a crappy friendly competition to rinse fans and fill stadiums (i'm taking the mrs to Man Utd v AC Milan in Cardiff) where games are played around the world for no real reason other than to highlight the magnitude of these massive clubs!!!!

    Could be interesting if FI got hold of these and offered some kind of dividend which would keep investment high on the biggest and best players over the summer???

  • @dannypea I'm going to the game in Cardiff too, let's hope we have some decent 4G so we can lump on first scorers!

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