• After some advice moving forward. Got a small portfolio made up of players worth between 80p and £1.50. Currently got £850 worth at the moment. Made up of Bruno Fernandes, Timo Werner, Serge Gnabry, Jonathan Tah and Rafael Leao, currently only about £11 down over the week.

    Wondering if it will be better to sell up before the announcement and putting it all on one of the big boys with there prices being low at the moment.

    Or stick with what I’ve got??

  • Are you looking to make money asap and take out and ride into the sunset or you looking for a long term savings portfolio with steady if not amazing growth?

    Ask yourself what you want to get out of this and how quickly, if its quick bucks then cash in on anything over 15% ROI after sales price and commission - rinse and repeat.

    If it's long term, stick with what you have - deposit what your happy to 'lose' and enjoy the 3 year 'bet'

    Enjoy the ride.

  • Was hoping to use it as a small savings account and just keep on topping it up month on month. So long term I guess.

    But then I also don’t want to miss out on opportunity’s if they are there and can make a quick quid or two.

    Thanks for the input

  • No way would I put all my money in one player, way too risky.

    A broken leg or a link to China and your in big trouble

  • Looking at the players you've mentioned I think there's definitely room for growth in most of them. Werner, Leao and Fernandez will have a number of teams after them in the summer. The other 2 are solid players, with possible transfer for Tah and Gnabry getting more important for Bayern.

    Of these I only hold Fernandez, but I'm seeing nice increases on him ahead of the summer. Depending where he goes he's got to have a good chance of PB wins with the number of goals and assists he gets.

  • I would keep the players who might have transfer links in the summer, Wener and Fernandes for instance.

    If you have made a bit of profit on the other guys then sell some of the futures and invest in some of the big boys.

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