Champions league analysis

  • Interesting set of games mostly cagey affairs looking ahead to the next games who we looking at investing in.

    Imo there's absolutely no chance that Mendy and Debruyne don't start and have an impact on the creative side so am topping up on them.
    Sane or Bernado should start also as don't see mahrez having any further significant involvement in champions league games. Will be interesting to watch prem game for further information on this one.

    In the united game I can't understand why Ole would continue to play young.
    I see Fred and Mctominay keeping their places. Rashford might lose his, been so poor recently. Bigger chances for pereira and Martial maybe.

    Spurs wise the rise has already happened with Son altho I think Alli is due a rise if he gets a big performance after injury.

    Didn't watch the other two games but I assume neres and liverpools front three continue to rise.

  • Where Utd are concerned Fred has only been playing because Matic is injured. He should be back in contention for the return leg for sure. I agree about McTominay though. He played really well last night.

    As for Rashford, his dip in form has coincided with having to play 70 minutes+ with an ankle knock in the Liverpool game. He'll be back to form soon enough after having a "rest" over the International Break when he pulled out of the England squad. He was lively last night and gave his usual all, lacked a bit of composure in front of goal I admit, but all strikers have these dips (Salah for eg).

    You can't leave Young out of the second leg as Shaw will be suspended (otherwise I'd have switched Dalot to right wingback as Young's replacement and put Martial on the left of the front 3.)

  • I expected cagey affairs across the board and pretty much went to plan... Liverpool always going to be too strong for Porto.. Spurs were always going to have home advantage as a major tool if they were to get anything to take to City... Barca I predicted would come away with a slender win.. Ajax & Juve have all to play for...

    Second legs i expect Liverpool to see the job through, Barca should perhaps after a short scare come through quite comfortably but the other ties trickier to predict.. I think City have the power to finish off Spurs.. Juve and Ajax could go to the wire... I see and hope for an away win but if it goes to pens I think Juve will get the Italian luck they need and who's to say Ronny won't smash home the winning penalty for a spot of media buzz...

    Good to hop on the City players as they'll come flying out the blocks v Spurs.. Aguero... Silva... Silva... Gundogan... KDB... should all see a lot of the ball as Tottenham try to cling on to what they have got... Liverpool could pick off Porto off the break so Salah, Mane, Firmino, take your pick???

    Good outsiders for PB in the return legs could be Juve or Ajax midfielders because if it does go to extra time they'll have another thirty minutes of kicking the ball to each other which will ramp up the PB scores!!

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but fairly sure Shaw and Young are both suspended for the next league game.
    Means Dalot surely to start and someone else? Valencia to come back or Smalling/Jones/Mctominay emergency right back?

  • Shaw is suspended for the next 2 league games and 1 in the UCL, Young is just 1 league game I think.

  • Watching Barcelona V Man Utd yesterday, I wasn't overly impressed with either. If Barcelona go through and face Liverpool, who I expect to go through against Porto, I actually think Liverpool have a very good chance of beating them and making it to the final. Therefore I'd be tempted to invest in the front 3, VVD, Trent and Robertson

    I think Juventus will have enough to beat Ajax, but Ajax have really impressed me. I have never seen a team press as good as they do! Ronaldo just seems superhuman so I'd probably go for him for MB and PB

    Man City will bombard Spurs similar to what they did with Liverpool last year. Liverpool held on, but I don't think Spurs will. I'd go for De Bruyne & Sterling

    Semi Final prediction;
    Liverpool V Barcelona
    Juventus V Man City

  • Haha, carry on writing us off everyone. We prefer it that way. Yes will be tough but we can threaten on counter-attack with Son and Moura. COYS!

  • @Hotspur said in Champions league analysis:

    Haha, carry on writing us off everyone. We prefer it that way. Yes will be tough but we can threaten on counter-attack with Son and Moura. COYS!

    I want spurs to win, I just think Man City have too much going forward!

  • @Hotspur

    I would love to see Spurs do it and it wouldn't surprise me if they did go through in this position as they are more than capable (as proven) that they can shut City out??? The next leg could be a classic British tie although without Kane it's made that bit even more difficult now!!!

    Be absolutely hilarious though if the greatest coach in world football and the greatest team on the planet (allegedly) fall short again!!! I'm all for a Spurs win!!!

  • @LukeMalla

    dodgy ankle or not....none of that explains why

    (a) Pogba and Fred took control of a free kick in the perfect position for Rashford.

    (b) OGS did not take control of that situation, allowing Fred to shoot with his left.

    For a moment I almost thought Jose was still around and the egos had taken charge again.
    No vested interest on my part, but I thought that was a worrying sign for UTD.
    Rashford clearly wanted to take the free kick, clearly he wasn't allowed to by Pogba/Fred.
    I'm left wondering if that was with OGS's approval ?

    If it was he's a crap manager.
    If it wasn't he's a crap manager.
    If Pogba and Fred are dropped for the second leg, I'll reconsider my perspective.

    I'm not a UTD supporter, but I would assume a lot of you were very frustrated to see Rashford walking away from that opportunity to score an important goal.

  • bought a couple of mctommany futures before the game last night and hes risen by 17p since, just wish id gambled a bit more on it

  • @C-Arroyo Rashfords garbage at free kicks. I know you're not a man u supporter but did you watch the game? He couldn't even hit the target. Blazing them everywhere.

  • @LuaLua

    We have a tendency to remember certain things, particularly when we happen to be on the receiving end.

    Probably explains my perspective, my expectation that Rashford would have scored.

  • @LuaLua

    I did watch...but the only investment I had last night was De Gea.

    CL nights are dull for me now I've transitioned from 2000 expensive shares to 10000 cheaper ones.

    Weekends are better for me now - I support Strasbourg lol

  • @C-Arroyo Haha. that was nice. Altho keeper error imo. He's only socred three freekicks for united feel like every other attempt is blazed. Other united fans might disagree. Pogba and fred havent scored any more than him tho so its lose lose tbf

    Lol straousbourg. I own kenny lala.

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