Krzysztof Piatek

  • Held this guy for past 2 months and does not matter if he scores or not as his price just declines.
    So frustrating as I believe he is a quality player but do I just cut my losses as where is the upside if even if he scores it makes no difference.

    Just very strange and wondered is there an underlying reason for the falls as I cannot see it.

  • @Gazz127 I got on him aswell, currently one of the best strikers in Europe hes lethal....but keeps dropping so may sell up asap

  • I bought cheap and sold high, then bought back in when he dropped but since then he has continued dropping.
    No way am I selling up, he will come good in his cycle.

  • Surely he is bringing in dividends though to make it worth your while keeping? He scores nearly every week

  • @MrWh1te I keep thinking yeah he will come good but when players are rising he never does,just don't get it as he has had a good season.

    Patience is wearing thin.

  • I am glad it's not just me, i was just looking at my profile wondering what to do with him. I believe he will come good, however i think it wont be to the new season now. Long term old in my opinion.

  • his price is still very high for his worth, he's a glorified Jamie Vardy. I just got out of Vardy after a 30 day cycle of 4 goals and 2 assists. Piatek would return similar in 30 days, i really like him as a player BUT. Piatek gets zero MB buzz, ZERO chance of PB wins, so in fact he is as valuable as Jamie Vardy yet twice as expensive. From his initial transfer price hike, he is still finding his proper place in the market, which is much closer to the rest of IPD only players. Take Lewandowski/Milik/Auba as similar examples. That is the thinking behind his constant drops...

  • His drama is over for the near future , perhaps a buy after Xmas building up to 2020 summer transfer and euros ?

  • I hold Piatek simply because I like holding 'good' footballers that I believe are at the top of the game...

    I think with him you need to take a relatively long term approach... he's just signed for Milan and has started (like he did at Genoa) pretty well.. he certainly won't be leaving in the summer but Milan have a real chance of Champions League football next season and he'll be a huge hold during that campaign should thy make it... Next season if he scores the goals that current form suggests he could then why not Barcelona? Real Madrid? City? which inevitably drives media buzz and interest for new investment... Like i say he might drop now until summer, he might be slightly underwhelming as not much buzz on him right now, but consistently good footballers always come up trumps eventually.. with Piatek you might just need to bide your time.

  • Hi mate,
    Looks like he will be dropping all the way mate cuz even if he scored goals it doesn't change anything! He had his 5 minutes but that's it, no PB / MB. He's 'good' player but so...
    Why not cut the losses and reinvest, ex 15th announcement/MB players, transfer spec or some CL/EL players still in the game?? You can always bck for him when he will be more popular but by the time, money from him can working for you somewhere else 🤔

  • @Mundek
    I have cut and ran. No matter what he does he loses value. I was £100 down so have invested the other £350 that was left and have £50 back from van de Beek already. Did the same with Zaniolo although I only sold 200 of the 400 futures I held. 3 month hold and lost £200 in total on both but reinvested and making up for lost ground.

  • High-quality striker. The drop in the past few months is a result of the price inflation in his move in Jan. He is young and has the same quality as Icardi, and even be more consistent in scoring goals. I would hold and/or top-up more. In a near-term, if Milan finishes in top 4, his price will bound back again. In longer terms, he will play for a coming-back Milan and can be a star in EURO 2020.

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