portfolio - value and time spent?

  • could I get a few responses of how much your portfolios are worth and how long you've been doing this, just will give me a rough idea of how long and much people have invested in this

  • Started with 6.5k few days before SS announcement. Currently sitting at £7.9k. £1.4k up in under a month

  • On here a month I think. Deposited 780 in steady installments. Portfolio has now increased to 950.

    I think I'm a low mid tier trader portfolio size wise.

    Think I made a similiar post when I first joined and i can assure you that Plenty of people have invested big bucks and its a stable product no need to be scared.

    Looks like you joined in a minor blip but recovering now.

  • can I ask, how much of that was you re investing profits and how much of it was initially what you put into the index?

  • @LuaLua yeah that's exactly my thoughts im reading posts about people thinking its going to shut down lol and im a little hesitant

  • I must be doing something wrong, put in about 4.8k and up £180, think I've spread it all out a bit too much !

  • I joined in January and I've put in £3,186.00 and my portfolio is currently at £3,657.63. Not as much growth as some others on here, but quite a few of mine are more long term holds.

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  • My deposits as of today are £1,760.00 and my portfolio is currently worth £2,078.69.

    I joined in mid-January but took it slow and steady until I was more confident in my own ability in what works on FI. Lumped a lot more in in March and April than I did in Jan and Feb.

  • @NewUser331141 We basically had a massive spike in buying a few weeks ago and everyone made loads of money and the last few days have just been a slight readjustment and withdrawing of profits. Normal service should now resume. Few idiots on the forum go crazy every time neymar goes down a couple pence forgetting hes gone up 4 quid in the last year. Fi is a long term investment.

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  • @DaveE Profit is profit altho it is a little bit small considering the share split. How many players do you have?

  • Quite a few lol, I'll try post portfolio, apologies if it ends up being a few desperate images

  • 0_1554996426655_Screenshot_20190411-161825.jpg

  • 0_1554996469062_Screenshot_20190411-161834.jpg

  • 0_1554996480455_Screenshot_20190411-161843.jpg

  • 0_1554996492539_Screenshot_20190411-161849.jpg

  • Overall happy, and hopefully rises a bit more

  • @DaveE very impressive ive only put £40 in so far and spread it across several players I can probably put in £50 per week am wondering whether I should try and get as many players as possible or maybe go all in on about half a dozen

  • Have slowly put in £3k since September, and currently have a portfolio value of just over £4k, hovering around the 33.3% ROI.

    Not concerned by the current dips and rises, and expecting to see some more growth over the summer through players in the U21 tournament, transfers and MB divs.

    Also excited to see what Monday's announcement brings.

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