Newbie asking what your strategy is? Short-term trades or long-term holds?

  • @C-Arroyo said in Newbie asking what your strategy is? Short-term trades or long-term holds?:

    A player getting 15 goals and 5 assists will earn 20p a season in IPD's.
    If his cost were £1.00, his ownership cost (commission for flip 2p x 10) would match his predicted dividend return.

    This may be me being dumb but
    where did you get the number ten from?

  • @LuaLua

    10 flips
    Flip every 30 days from season start-finish.

  • Oh i seee. Ah yes.

  • @C-Arroyo "Then it gets complicated"


    Well... I can honestly say, you're playing this on a completely different level to me mate. Best of luck with it all.

    I'm taking more of a 'read the market' approach. IE, where will the market move to 2-3 months from now.

    It's not fool proof and Kane's injury kicked me in the wallet, plus I haven't been here long enough to get a feel for what summer will be like, but I suspect it could be years to get that pattern down properly.

    Logic says MB/Transfers/Nations League/Promoted Players - but I've seen a fair few people are worried about a mass exodus over summer.

  • This is all super useful thanks mate! Good to see someones working hard on evaluations.
    Totally agree with inflated prices. Everyones just happy to play the game of capital appreciation at the moment. The market just inst forcing anyone to be efficient atm which is lucky for all of us tbh and in reality i kinda see it being like that for next few seasons and even longer depending on how expansions into different countries go but i do think its worth getting ready for the battle ahead.

    The calculation I was using before was

    ((Dividends won/games played) * (games in month) ) / Price

    That gives you the percentage of their price their likely to earn in divs through that month (if they stick to past div schedule)

    Was planning on working in a kindof opponent goals conceded coefficient as well so i could put that into the equation but havent quite got around to that with ski holiday and impending uni deadlines.

  • @Dan-The-Man Ain't no mass exodus happening over summer relax. Even if there is a dip there is almost certainly gonna be a big promotion push just before the beginning of next season to get new users in so all will be fine.

  • @C-Arroyo Great response, cheers. Seems like a good range to target given the possibility for sharp increases. Might have to bite the bullet on some LTHs myself...

  • @JLampkin19
    Lozano and Bergwijn at psv

    I think Donny Van De Beek will be the next big one. Already scoring and gets assists, and once De Jong leaves he will grow. IMO.
    Gravenberch and Bakker from the youth team as moves would leave space for them.

    Tagliafico is being scouted and linked with a move, so Bakker just might get involved.

    One of the rumours with De Ligt is that Barca have offered 4 players to Ajax if they allow him to join. Oriol Busqets (holding mid) , Juan Miranda (left back), Tobido (CB) and Riqui Puiq who's price is already on the up.

    I think theres a good chance Ajaz will bid for Odegaard too.

    For me, the Ajax players are a likely 2 year hold, as its a year to get noticed, then another to seal a deal.

    Look through yourself though mate. Thats the golden rule before you put any money in, never take anybody else's word for it

  • @Munchie63 said in Newbie asking what your strategy is? Short-term trades or long-term holds?:


    Cheers @Munchie63 some good Eredivisie knowledge there! Ajax always pump out some good talent. What do you think will happen with Dolberg?

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Ayoze Perez - Sold within 14 days +20%

    Reinvested in Ashley Barnes

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