Promotion Strategy

  • With the PB announced, its time to re-think the promotion strategy.

    Last week Dzecko and Inisigne were promoted, great they will smash the PB. But is it great ? Every PB Dzecko wins, someone else doesn't win. If you own Naymar, Ronaldo, Lukaku, Lacazette, Naymar etc then your players just got a bit less valuable and you've probably lost money. Already there are people calling for Bonucci and so on to be promoted, it doesn't make sense to me - with a limited amount of defenders likely to win the PB, we have a one-time opportunity to make a lot of money before the marker corrects itself as people twig where the money should be.

    To me, its essential that we promote young players (preferably outside the top 5 leagues and preferably forwards) with potential to be linked to a big team that give the opportunities to flip when the transfer rumours. What we shouldn't be doing is promoting players who will make the PB more competitive (particularly defence where everyone has a chance to make a lot of money).

    Doing this is a win-win for everyone. Lots of potential future transfer flips, opportunity for lots of PB profits for people who get in early (and if the market stays with the current balance then its still very early - if we keep the number of PB potential defenders as they are then they are still extremely under-valued).

    For the devs, it forces a market correction who which is great for them (as they lap up the comission from people shifting money around) plus generates another cohort of very valuable players who are partiuclarly valuable on certain days (when they are the only player playing). This is great for them as it stimulates day trading.

    Obviously I would guess the promotion experts who can get the cheap prices on promotion day are the ones who miss out and aren't going to agree with this but they are in the minority. And they can still flip the future transfer targets. Everyone else who values profits, should (in my opinion) be using their votes to get more Kolbergs in the Index and less Dzeckos.

  • I can not wait for promotions to be taken away altogether. The day is coming, hopefully soon!

  • Still a lot of learning to be done which can only happen when it goes live IMO

  • @Mike78

    Well put, couldn't agree more.

  • It's a shame more people aren't seeing it this way, top 3 of the squad currently a goalkeeper and 2 defenders, with Buffon way ahead

  • Cant you just instead get some keepers/defenders relegated instead if whole bunch join together no??

  • Its not as simple as that ... you can't just relegate players they have to be bottom of the 200 in value. Defenders were all worth reasonable amounts due to their scarcity.

    I think the dream of easy PB wins will be gone by the start of the season. Buffon and Marcelo are leading the charge, Bonucci and Azpi will probably follow and so on. People just haven't thought through properly who to vote for.

    The crazy thing is there are people upvoting Buffon and Marcelo who probably own Sandro, Donarumma and Ramos.

  • Agreed, I'd say there is more chance of banding together as a group to promote players of choice but that will require more people reading the forums I feel.
    On that note though, how are squad votes acquired/given out?

  • I've still god 2000 up/ 1200 down so happy to batter some defenders down the list haha

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