'Bulk Quantity Buying' - Who can afford it?

  • Hey Guys

    We all know that you need a lot of spare cash to make some nice returns on FI but lets talk about making a nice return with only a small budget (e.g. £100/£200 per month)....

    Buying in quantities of 100 is usually the way traders buy futures in bulk but it's the cost per future that needs to be taken into consideration when buying large quantities.....for example, for traders who want to buy 100 futures in Kylian Mbappe then they would have to fork out a whopping £419.00 !!! (is it worth it?) compared to 100 futures in Leon Bailey which would only cost you £164.00 !!! and both players are a similar age and also have similar styles of playing.

    Here's a scenario for you...if someone put £500 in your FI account who would you buy?



  • 480 odd Trent Alexander Arnold

  • @AndyP32

    Benjamin Mendy!!! A star on and off the pitch and on Twitter he will be good for media and performance buzz and will be back before end of season and World Cup just bought another 100 at 1-01

  • All my players I have in my portfolio currently have cost less than a quid apart from 2. Both my expensive players I'm currently in the red with which has just confirmed to me that buying cheap is the way forward.

    Currently have Forsberg, carrasco and draxler who I'm making a nice little profit on. If one or all of them get more transfer rumours in the next few months I'm hoping their prices will double.

  • 793 Chalobah - Will be Watford regular when return to fitness (late jan/early Feb), Southgate likes him, so a shot at the World Cup and cheap at 63p naturally will drift up to 85p/95p with first team action.

  • Mid priced Forwards in the £2-£3 range. Limited competition in that category and as likely to challenge the higher priced forwards if they have a good game. If a player hits a barren spell they can slip into this price range, then it’s the waiting game until they jump up again.

  • @NewUser93040

    Hes got 674k followers on twitter good buy #sharkteam

  • @NewUser66152

    The guy has the best personality in the premier league great stats low price and the shark team cult following he started kissing KDB on TV and ran the pitch when injured much hype the best Twitter, the downside is he’s played little got injured and we don’t know how good he will be once back however I’ve a sqaud of players where I’ve 200 plus futures and waiting for them to hit form or come back from injury Lamela son 🦈 Wanyama Aurier Alderweireld I should of bought John Stones when injures after 29p drop too stupid me! Has for who has the money to bulk invest it’s very addictive and like we see with the £4 plus players the rise is much less. I am skeptical about investing at moment in World Cup players unless there also in premier league logic says that the new customer will mainly invest in someone they can follow on MOTD with the IPO I’m about sceptical on how many people can hold jobs and folllow some prospect from Katmando!!!! Who’s 18 with 3 right feet :-) I’ll keep investing on the index if my players keep going up in value in thiory has long has everyone stays here and more join and the company floats or sells to a bigger operater a 5k risk is better than throwing it at the bookies

  • I bought Mendy ages ago pre-injury due to his Twitter antics but Twitter scores nothing with regards to Media Buzz and he's outside of the 200 anyway.

    He's a fantastic player but for one he's currently out with a bad injury and there's a chance of recurrence and secondly he doesn't carry much of a goal threat. Very similar to Walker's situation, constantly outscored by Stones n Otamendi on PB.

    Up to you guys but I thought I was buying someone no-one else could see the value in and changed my mind in the end.

  • @Agatello According to the website players outside the top 200 still earn buzz. The following is taken from the rules section on the FI website.

    "The Top 200 and Squad Players
    Footballers are listed in the “Top 200” and a list of “Squad Players”.

    In the Top 200 list, the highest priced 200 footballers from the previous day are available to trade. Footballers are promoted and relegated from the Top 200 at midnight each day, and remain in that list until midnight the following day.

    Footballers in the “Squad Players” list can be traded and are eligible to win Match Day Dividends. Football Index will introduce up to 50 footballers per day at a price of their discretion. The addition of a new footballer is referred to as an “IPO”(Initial Public Offering). These IPOs[DHO1] and an estimated introductory price will be published on http://footballindex.news at noon the day before, but specific timing of the IPO will not be announced. "

    You can find it here


  • @NewUser85246 they earn performance buzz but not media buzz.

  • @Agatello

    Mendys stats for a defender is good he quilifys for performance buzz and at 1-03 his growth whilst injured is maybe 30% he needs to get to around £1-15 to join the top 200 at midnight any night. In real terms 13p which will/should/might be between now and World Cup in June at some point. About 650,000 followers on twitter Manchester City have been printing shark team shirts and this shark team thing is has big as CR7 or the 11 of hearts of Bale I could be wrong but at £45,000,000 for a wing back he should be around £1.50 if you compare him to Danny Rose which I feel is a like for like player!!! Thats my view. If you bought him before the injury like with Alderweireld and Wanyama you got him for a pre-performance buzz price due to no play since November rule changes I don’t do this to plug my player has this guy speaks for himself in my view but like everything it’s a gamble the main gamble is him getting back on the pitch

  • Looks like he only needs 5p to make the top 200.

  • @NewUser66152

    I find the only bad thing being that once the price starts to go up I tend to look at what I paid to start with like with Toby I’m on 197 shares and had to buy 50 after he was on google search about signing new contract I think buying those put my mean outlay to 92p I dare not buy the other 3 shares to round it off Incase it shoves me up a 1p over the 197 shares :-) The thing being in football you never know what will happen I’ve allot of spurs midfield players and 14 sissokos which was a huge mistake I bought loads and had to instant sell at a loss but many of us spurs fans think he’s a waste of a shirt and I’d prefer winks/Lamela/Wanyama in that shirt from a personal and investment angle yet for some reason Poch keeps starting him so annoying!! But then look how many times Bale played before he came good it’s all a gamble the name of the game I guess. I only normally watch premier league and champions league so not a clue with some of the names where others are more knowledgeable

  • Sissoko ain't coming good dude, he's awful.

    We need to ship him on asap. Straight swap for Doucoure ;-)
    I know the Shark Team is big but that won't earn any Media Buzz in my opinion. Transfer Spec and contentious incidents generate rule that world.

    We'll see on the PB front but just think he'll be constantly outscored by his own teammates unless he grabs a gwg which is a long shot as he doesn't score many.

    Fernandinho is cheaper and at least he bags 5 or 6 a season but the sane thing applies to him really, I'm holding him cos he has solid baseline and just hoping for a gwg or 2 but he's constantly outscored by KDB and Delph too etc

  • Fernandinho is same as kante both consistently in the 110 to 130s you need minimum 180 for midfielder pb win and thats on a single game day usually. My rule is a max score pver 200 and avg score over 165 now ive got 2 months of pb data

  • @Agatello

    When I was new on here I bought Winks at £1ish stupidly sold him when he was playing for England then when I started to understand how this platform works it was too late has I bought him back at the £1.60 something peak!! :-O then bought more has he’s plummeted hopping he would get some game time! I’m now at about £1.40 with his price at 1-30p and we start Sassoko... (I want to cry 😭) I got Lamela at under £1 he went up to 1-18p (didn’t sell) and again they not start him... in the last game he laid it off to Son and son scores 2nd assist after the one at Leicester (yet we start Sassoko still... I’ve more share in Lamela than anyone else the guys either going to get injured again sold to Italy or be a big player for me. He gets many assists playmaker and scores in big games just clumsy in tackles and gets a few cards... but could you imagine the time he got hat trick in Europa League and the rabina goal MB and PB... I want to see him v Juventus!!! has for BMendy I just googled him now and he was in Tesco two days back he’s only 23 but your right about his team but only needs a triple PB win and price hike and dividends I’m getting out the media transfer buzz for now I’ve got my Cenk Tosun he’s confirmed and static at 1-13 I think the whole site is waiting to see if he hits the ground running and will he be a Salah or a Jenson/Soldado! Before they buy or sell!

  • @Noirx4 said in 'Bulk Quantity Buying' - Who can afford it?:

    Fernandinho is same as kante both consistently in the 110 to 130s you need minimum 180 for midfielder pb win and thats on a single game day usually. My rule is a max score pver 200 and avg score over 165 now ive got 2 months of pb data

    So Fernandinho bags a gwg and you're at 210... that's sometimes enough to win a pb!

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