I sold up

  • After enjoying index for first month I stupidly
    sold up ysterday although i still ended up infront
    I’m now reluctant to start again.
    The forum unfortunately did most likely lead
    to my downfall I’d got theories bouncing of
    my head what if all the big boys have decided
    to put 1000s of futures into the sell queue effectively trapping the newbs who want to sell
    there 5-10s in players. I’d imagine pretty much
    everyone who signed up same time as myself did
    similar and yeah I could start again but now Monday potential deposit bonus if I’d kept in and
    topped up Monday I’d be so much further ahead
    than I’m goin to be if continue it puts me off.
    Seems a rant but for the index to grow massively
    people need the newbs to stay not scare them off
    and pick up a few cheaper shares short term

  • need to work on your rhyme scheme rock....

    also; nothing wrong with starting again if you fancy. some people even like having a fresh start. good luck if you do - otherwise, just enjoy the profit you made!

  • Rather than looking at it like you've sold up.... look at it like you've freed up your capital to tidy up your portfolio for the season ahead!


  • You've sold up at a good time as it gives you plenty of good oppurtunities to reinvest. ie the announcment you can catch the waves with all your money. Or you can wait till the begginning of next season. Or you can play loosely over the transfer window and jsut focus on monitoring a couple of players instead of having to worry a whole load. I'd like to be in your position. Instead I've got to worry every day about felipe anderson going to china.

  • Appreciate the replies I can’t believe I took
    the bait think it soured it for me that I did
    what some users hoped the new members
    would do

  • @therock

    I've been on here for 6 months and made a ton of mistakes and to be honest I make the occasional bad one still. Main rule to follow is if you have researched a player well enough and his price is dropping but nothing has changed dont panic and use it as an opportunity to buy more shares. You really have to trust your gut on a player. Stick with it mate you wont regret it i'm sure.

  • @therock it took me half a year to break even, making mistakes, flipping, being "unlucky" but have patience and assess the situation now. You don't need to reinvest the same amount but I reckon you'd regret it if you don't.

    Best of luck pal, pm me if you want.

  • @therock

    If you can afford to pick up a broad portfolio... that seems to be the safest way to make money.

    40 ish players. helps spread the risk.

    Sure, you'll lose out on some, but simply the way the market is growing, you'd have to be very unlucky to not see growth.

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