Felix Owners Must Be Raging!

  • Hatrick and an assist from Midfield and still doesn't beat Ramsey with his one goal.

    This system is nuts!

    I don't have either but I do have 50 Alonso who picked up best defender and best over all player thanks to that late header.

    I'd be gutted if it was my midfielder who bagged a hatrick and assist and I got nothing. I think they really need to look at the system.

  • There should be a bonus for a brace and a hatrick, also dribbles need to be acknowledged.
    On the other hand, was Ramsey running the game from cm, getting tackles in and making interceptions, passes, why shouldn’t that be rewarded....

  • @Tom77

    WhoScored gave:

    Felix: 9.92
    Alonso: 8.24.
    Ramsey: 7.78

    That seems far more reasonable to me and i'm sure it would to just about every football fan. I mean, to those fans, Felix is an absolute legend for that performance.

    WhoScored didn't even rate Ramsey as the best Arsenal player on the night.

  • @Dan-The-Man but that's not how the index scoring works. Felix gets very poor pb scores in the limited data available so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that he didn't post a good score when you consider all his goals. The matrix is available for everyone to see and pick players based on that for pb.

    Of course his capital appreciation from last night will massively outweigh any dividends he could have won, I don't hold myself but if I did that would be the reason for it.

    The pb system isn't perfect but it is what it is, changing it would cause chaos. I do agree though that game winning goal scores much to high and assists too low.

  • It's ridiculous, how can a 19 year old score a hat-trick & an assist in the quarters of European football and not win any performance based dividends, yet ramsey who had a pretty average game against an average team wins it, yes fuming

  • @Joev

    I understand that's not how the scoring on here works but just because it doesn't work like that now, doesn't mean it shouldn't in the future. FI are more than capable of making improvements to the system as time goes by.

    I'm not suggesting they come on today and award Felix the money. They could announce that next season, a new system will be put in place and roll out the full details months in advance, giving traders ample time to make any adjustments.

    The Sun use WhoScored for the Dream Team, most of the punters on here are familiar with that website so FI could probably switch to using that for the system. As a bonus, we'd all get access to the data rather than using Opta which is hidden behind a paywall. So you could have a more informed userbase.

    Alternatively, they could apply a transparent formula to the existing system, for example "every additional goal is worth double the points". Every additional assist is worth double the points, etc. As long as it is all transparent and fact based (IE, scored a goal = verifiable fact, played well = opinion)

  • @Dan-The-Man I think this is a great idea and I agree PB as it stands needs a lot of work and it lacks transparency. As it stands we know the scoring system but we never see a breakdown of each players score so we are just reliant on FI to make sure it is all calculated correctly. At least with MB you get a breakdown of the stories

  • Just worked out quickly that Felix MINIMUM score would have been 212 points, how has Ramsey beat this he would have 103 points from win goal, goal, win & shot on target and would have to make the rest up in 5 point tackle won, cross etc. So did Felix just stand around for 90 minutes & only kick the ball 3 times !!!! Would like to see the exact stats, does anyone know where to find them on FI

  • @Uncle-G I would love to see them too as i agree it looks ridiculous, I tried to find them myself but have had no luck, not sure they are available

  • The criteria for the stats are the criteria for the stats.

    Read them.....

    It's why De Bruyne is the best player in the PL but not a good Football Index hold. It's why Felix is no good at PB at football index. He doesn't touch the ball a lot, do short passes etc, he dribbles. It's all wrong for the scoring matrix.

    Don't blame PB - blame yourself for buying the wrong player if you're looking for a PB star.

    Messi & Neymar fit the PB perfectly.

    Pogba & Ronaldo fit the MB terms perfectly.

    Just look at the stats - they are what they are, so people need to read more & stop whining.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ericali

    You didn't read my post Ericali. I own 50 Alonso... the guy who beat Felix for best player. I don't own any Felix. In otherwords, I won last night but I'm on here saying this is ridiculous because anyone with a brain can see that it is ridiculous.

    What boggles my mind, is you have just given great examples of why the system needs to change. So why are you making out like it shouldn't be changed when you can see the obvious flaws? You remind me of the guys who didn't want to bring in VAR and goal line technology.

  • @Ericali I think agree certain players are better suited for PB and maybe Ramsey did outscored Felix. But I don't think there is enough transparency and would like to see a calculation of the scores myself which doesn't seem to be available anywhere. It's not like FI don't make mistakes, just take a look at the apparent diidend winners this morning...

  • @Dan-The-Man said in Felix Owners Must Be Raging!:


    You didn't read my post Ericali. I own 50 Alonso... the guy who beat Felix for best player. I don't own any Felix. In otherwords, I won last night but I'm on here saying this is ridiculous and I'm not the only one.

    What boggles my mind, is you have just given great examples of why the system needs to change. So why are you making out like it shouldn't be changed when you can see the obvious flaws?

    The system doesn't need to change.

    The system is what it is - as long as it's in black & white & we all know the score beforehand before we buy it's fine.

    What I would have a problem with is changing the system after people have bought accordingly for their PB folders!

    I don't chase PB either so no skin off my nose - I chase MB.

    But I'm firmly in the corner of those who have read the rules & bought accordingly - it's called planning.

    You can't move the goal-posts have way through the match - those who have bought wrong have to adjust, not those who have bought correctly.

  • @Ericali

    They "move the goal posts" all the time.

    'In Play Dividends' changed the rules. I haven't been here from the beginning but I'm told PB and MB weren't always on the platform. They are about to make an announcement on Monday, that again will change various things up. The Share-Split just happened and changed everything.

    The platform is still brand new, there's bound to be changes and tweaks over the years. As long as traders are given a reasonable time to make adjustments, whats the issue?

  • I think the GWG is worth too much and as soon as Frankfurt got the 2nd goal and that went to Dias then I thought he would lose to Ramsey. I watched the Arsenal game for 80 minutes and Ramsey was involved a lot in the game.

    Felix would have lost 10 points for the 2 goals conceded and the GWG that Ramsey picked up. Was Felix caught offside a lot? That is -5 per time. It looks like he didn't do a lot else other than the goals and assist to be fair.


  • Jorginho won Midfield last night???

  • @Zidave

    See how Felix picked up a 9.5 rating from Sofascore. Ramsey picked up a 7.3, not even the best player in the Arsenal midfield.

  • @Dan-The-Man IPD were a massive cock up when they were introduced though. I lost a lot of faith in the platform around that time and withdrew quite a lot. In principal they were just extra dividends which sounds great but it completely scuppered a lot of portfolios as it rendered some of the bigger holds much less valuable. The fact that they moved the goalposts so much was my main worry.

    I agree with @Ericali, wholesale changes now would punish people who have bought pb players base on the current scoring system, however it is set up it will naturally favour some players more than others, I don't see how there can be a perfect system. That said though I'm not against the scrapping or just lowering of game winning goal points during the close season.

    Not a dig at you @Dan-The-Man as I know you've said you don't have him but his piss poor pb scores are of no surprise to people who have done some research into him.

  • @Ericali Problem is we know the rubbish system but nobody can actually look at the results, as i've said previous ramsey would have had to passed the ball approx 109 times without felix touching the ball again, of course the system is wrong

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