Relegation to be made?

  • Apart from Sessegnon, not sure I fancy the chances of any of Fulham's team getting a move to stay in the PL. Huddersfield players not a hope in hell either. Anyone see something I don't?

  • Mitrovic?

  • Think there are some real interesting relegation stuff is goin on in spain where unbelievably Villareal could go down.

    They have some real good young players in samuel chukuwueze, pedraza and morlanes be interesting to see if they stay or go.

    Very risky business buying players who are potentially dropping out of the spotlight and the pb and ipd leagues. You're much safer buying players who are coming into pb leagues.

    But those are the three I'm keeping an eye on price wise.
    If it looks like villareal escape relegation they might rise a bit.
    Much safer investments elsewher tho.

  • @JLampkin19 Aaron Mooy will get a move away from Huddersfield

  • Mitrovic is pretty certain to get a move either in the prem or another top 5 league

  • @adam1984 personally think he's overrated, but perhaps a Burnley/Southampton/Brighton could come in for him.

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