Robert skov

  • I hold 300 and will hold for some time. Class and loads of potential if he signs for spurs his price will absalutley rocket up

  • Serious Serie A links surfaced alongside the Tottenham ones in January. Real menace on both wings as he's equally amazing on both feet which is ridiculous. 1000% won't be at FC København past this summer IMO.

  • My Robert Skov research that led me to buy in bulk.

    Scored a ridiculous amount of goals this season. Enough to be in the golden boot race across all leagues even with the weaker multiplier.

    Which explains why there are so many links.
    Watford wolves west ham and spurs all battling for him.
    Eriksen has remarked he's been impressed with him in the danish setup.

    And even with all those goals hes still only valued at 5million. (and 4.5 on tranfermarkts evaluation) So he's worth a pop for so many prem teams.

    Reckon if someone comes in with an 8-15million pound bid it would probably do the trick judging by other transfers Fc Kobenhavn have done. This would be a record sell for them. It's the kindof money they cant turn down in the danish superliga. Also nine of kobenhavns (best team in the danish leagues) top 25 transfers have been to the premier league. So the prem has a track record of nicking their top talent.

    And he's two footed! Banging prospect. Far too good for the danish leagues.

  • @LuaLua
    A goal and an assist in the 1st half today

  • He’s class

  • Doubled my stake today. Even if he ends up in seria a he is a quid. I except lots of transfer spec though so could easily head towards £2 in summer dependent on media exposure ( skysports news ect) reporting news.

  • I've listened to you lot bang on about Bobby Skov for the past few months and finally decided to watch a few clips of the man in action.

    After seeing him smash three world class free kicks in, from a ridiculous distance, I decided to purchase a ticket for the Skov train.

    I've no idea where its gonna end up. Hopefully not Dundee. All aboard ... 🚂👍

  • I have (finally) joined the Skov train

  • I bought 200 last night, looks like a class act. Let’s get him in the top 200 and possibly a Mb in the future!

  • Just watched some clips of his goals. He is so talented. Free kicks are crazy!

  • I have jumped on board the Skov train too. Looks an unbeliveable talent and can see a big club taking a risk on him come the summer.

  • Only invested 72 hours ago and thought I'd missed the price jump but still going up. Delighted with the investment :)

  • @Sinex82 At 12million its really not a very big risk. In fact if you watch him play I don't think its a risk at all.

  • @LuaLua Oh I agree, I used the wrong terminology there. With today's inflated prices £8 million is not a risk at all. Probably the word 'chance' was more appropriate.

  • Im on the SKOV now too , looks a talent

  • @johnboywalker said in Robert skov:

    I've no idea where its gonna end up.

    The really beauty of Skov (besides all the ability & likely high profile transfer) is that he's new to the index & as such very few futures out there in the market place compared to many other "young prospects." Most early holders can see value even at these levels (I bought at 36p but currently 86p) so there's very little selling pressure but demand is ramping up & that will inevitably mean a rapid price spike. I rarely predict prices as it's a fools game IMO but this lad will likely double or more from here if the transfer mill gets into full swing this Summer. He is still one of my most bullish holds, reminds me of the Zaniolo situation & just look at his price graph.

  • Jumped on board, absolutely kicking myself that I could of had him for 60p a week ago

  • Sadly a bit late to the party and picked him up for 85p.

  • I don't think anybody is 'late' the boy has the world at his feet and at the moment is yet to play in a PB league.. think getting him now could certainly see rises of upwards to £1.50+ and nearer the value of Christian Eriksen who he might even replace at Spurs??

    Patting myself on the back though as jumped on him in Dec at 0.38 per future... nice 0.50 profit per share so far and I expect that to keep rising in a summer of transfer buzz!

  • @dannypea you're gonna make a killing, I still hope I might

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