Robert skov

  • He’s dropped to £1.03 but still doesn’t represent value. If he did move to wolves he’d soon drop in value when he’s warming the bench each week. You can get many proven premier league starters for that price. He’ll probably move (maybe next summer) and be a success in a few years time, but too much FI hype baked in to his price for me

  • I continue to hold in the belief he will be in a top league either now or in the future.

  • @P-Knight He did come in like the top 15 for the golden shoe tho. Which factors in league difficulty. and he's a midfielder.

    If he went to the french pub league he could be an Fi dream player.
    Prem links strongest tho. In fact dont think there are any french links. I can dream.

    Wolves have europa they need to rotate for.

  • In the starting lineup today vs. Georgia, occupying his usual right-hand side. Time for our boy to show us what he's about

  • Here we go come on Skov
    Step up and show us what you got....

  • Been a long month holding Skov and wondering if any positive news is going to happen this summer.
    Come on spurs where are those links😪

  • 5 goals for Denmark and zero involvement from Skov. I think he’ll be one of those that’s all hype and when people actually see that he is not superhuman his price will drop

  • He came off after 63 minutes and played well from what I read. Is he going to take free kicks over Erickson?, I doubt it. People don’t half want the finished article immediately............
    Let’s how see how does in the under 21 tournament.

  • Fairly ordinary Denmark team but easily the best player is Skov.
    First time I've seen him play and he has shown glimpses of quality against admittedly a good German side.

  • @Gazz127 He was lethal on the right flank against Henrichs. I'd love to see him deployed as a proper inside forward (Salah style) as he could do wonders there. I'm sure a lot of eyes are on him during this tournament and he's been a joy to watch already.

  • @Gazz127

    Yeah I'm pleasantly surprised.

    He seemed more than a match for the highly rated Heinrichs at right back, and was the talisman for a pretty average Denmark team.

    I'll be interested to see the transfer speculation start up again on completion of this tournament.

    This was the first time I've watched him for 90 mins and I'm far more confident in his ability and potential after tonight's game.

  • Seems to be lots of hype on Twitter stating he was man of the match and Denmark’s outstanding player, only goal scorer for them, etc. Seems very positive going forward and a handful against a very strong German defence.

  • Actually one of the best penalties iv'e seen in awhile. No messing. No funny run up. Swept into the bottom corner with pace. No keeper had no chance.

    I know this looks like one of the lamest pumps ever but i actually don't hold so in reality its just a lame comment. Still think its accurate tho. It's the little things that count. and he's put the most important little thing right in the corner.

  • He took pretty much all their set pieces last night. Hopefully can pick us a few more goal in the next 2 games against slightly lesser opposition.

  • Wolves and Spurs have moved for Skov according to various news reports (although non of the reliable sources yet).

  • Yes I’ve just seen the reports stating they are both monitoring Skov and expect a bid to follow shortly.

  • @Wolvesfan1980 Let's hope this picks up pace now, apparently they only want £10.7mil for him as well, which is a bargain for someone who just had a brilliant season.

    Denmark out of the U21's now too.

  • Will he hit £1.50 if he gets prem move ?

  • Very briefly I'd say 😂😂

  • I see Romania and France engineered them both qualifying last night, so Skov done for the summer now.

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