Robert skov

  • Im on the SKOV now too , looks a talent

  • @johnboywalker said in Robert skov:

    I've no idea where its gonna end up.

    The really beauty of Skov (besides all the ability & likely high profile transfer) is that he's new to the index & as such very few futures out there in the market place compared to many other "young prospects." Most early holders can see value even at these levels (I bought at 36p but currently 86p) so there's very little selling pressure but demand is ramping up & that will inevitably mean a rapid price spike. I rarely predict prices as it's a fools game IMO but this lad will likely double or more from here if the transfer mill gets into full swing this Summer. He is still one of my most bullish holds, reminds me of the Zaniolo situation & just look at his price graph.

  • Jumped on board, absolutely kicking myself that I could of had him for 60p a week ago

  • Sadly a bit late to the party and picked him up for 85p.

  • I don't think anybody is 'late' the boy has the world at his feet and at the moment is yet to play in a PB league.. think getting him now could certainly see rises of upwards to £1.50+ and nearer the value of Christian Eriksen who he might even replace at Spurs??

    Patting myself on the back though as jumped on him in Dec at 0.38 per future... nice 0.50 profit per share so far and I expect that to keep rising in a summer of transfer buzz!

  • @dannypea you're gonna make a killing, I still hope I might

  • I think you will too.. I have no intentions of selling but might be persuaded if he gets a EPL move??

  • Dunno, I think he might be the real deal, a transfer to let's say spurs, would see a good rise, but a good season on top of that and he could be anything

  • I think he will be... but I worry a move to England might 'speed' things up so that his price hikes so much... that after a few bad apps (its tough for young new players to come into the EPL guns blazing) that any bench time would see him fall in value with a loan move elsewhere...

    I would much prefer myself him moving to Ajax or Germany where he continues to grow in value over time... as he grows FI growth continues so that rather than selling at £1.70 in the summer he could be £3+ in a year or so... which I think would be better for longer term holders and in particular for me ;-)

  • You've done this before u 😁

  • @MickTurbo hahahahaha

    I've watched a lot of Premier League football and seen a lot of young players arrive under big pretence and either start very very badly or fail to deliver at all!!!

    Remember the Superliga is a big jump to the EPL.. I think a player of Skov's ability would need something in between to enhance his game although from an FI perspective... should his value double with a move to England this summer then who are we to complain???

  • Oh aye, there's defo been more failures than successes coming in from the lesser leagues mate. I'm a boro fan and we've had some absolute shockers during our time in the premier league. Afonso Alves springs to mind

  • @MickTurbo hahahahaha he was the first player i thought of when you mentioned Boro & failures!!!

    TBF Boro haven't done bad in the past with signing foreigners... seem to remember a couple of Brazilians and an Italian centre forward amongst others do ok for you in the past!!!

  • Gods among men them lads, don't think we'll see players of their calibre again unfortunately

  • @MickTurbo Unless you get promoted and get a certain robet skov fella. Heard somewhere that he's pretty decent.

  • Haha. Divided loyalties there mate. From what I've seen of him I'd love to see him in a boto shirt but I dread to think what it would do to his price 😁😁

  • @NewUser295934

    I don’t think your too late. I thought the same about cho when he was like £4/5 skov will fly up if he gets a prem move

  • 🚂All aboard! Train has yet to leave the station, please watch your step when boarding. Next stop, the moon!

  • Looks a good player!

  • Had we shot him up a day earlier he would have been in the top 200 and would have caught some overflow of that rise. Unfortunate.

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