Robert skov

  • @johnboywalker I know - not even bothered to check what Skov Spurs are actually interested in....

    Fcuk it - just write about both Skov's, it's bound to be one of them! 😎

  • @Ericali lol heres a link for Robert skov to spurs back in March.
    Been linked for ages i doubt any will come to spurs.

    In fact I doubt spurs will buy anyone at this rate.....rumour rumour rumour Zzzzzzzzz

  • Did any of you guys watch Skov during the U21 championships?

    I saw many positive, and also potential negatives.

    His attitude was the main thing that stood out for me. He appeared to have that 'Zlatan, fuck it I'll do it myself mentality'. Which is great for Copenhagen where he is head and shoulders above the rest, but for the national team, his selfishness appeared at the detriment of his teammates.

    Shooting when the pass was on, trying the difficult thing when the simple option was available. Ultimately he came across as if he was trying to hard.

    The manager appeared to have enough of his attitude and subbed him off mid game, to then leave him on the bench for the next game.

    I still think he potentially has a great future ahead of him, but in terms of development, I believe this tournament showed how far ahead of Skov, Bruun Larsen (Dortmund) is.

    (For the record, I hold Skov, and don't hold Larsen 🤣🤷‍♂️)

  • @johnboywalker Poch will short him out😉

  • @Gazz127 said in Robert skov:

    @johnboywalker Poch will short him out😉

    I'd love to see it mate, believe me.

    If that happens, I'd name my boat the 'Bobby Skov explorer'!!🤑🤑

  • If he did join Wolves or Spurs (highly unlikely), he will be on the bench at best and guaranteed to drop in value. I believe he is one of the most overpriced players on the Index. Just my opinions, don’t shout at me Skov pumpers

  • @SteveP Only overpriced on the basis he comes to the PL and sits on the bench. If he's a starter in any PB league he'll increase in value.

  • @SteveP What the #!@^!😉

    He has scored a shed load in the Danish league so he hasn't really proved anything but I saw enough in that first u21 game to see there is a player there with a fair bit of potential.
    Saying one of the most overpriced on the index is a tad strong and maybe another thread altogether.

    How about Joao Felix at three times the price!🤔

  • @Gazz127 haha. I’m saying it because I want to own him... I’m jealous of those who got in early. But he should be around 70p now in my honest opinion. But he keeps creeping upwards so the jokes on me

  • @SteveP Tell you the truth a lot of players looking overpriced at the mo.

    What goes up and all that🤔

  • @SteveP said in Robert skov:

    I’m saying it because I want to own him... I’m jealous of those who got in early

    Bought him at 36p simply on his impressive numbers then but now a record breaking 29G & 9A in 34 games, add to that 9/13 for U-21. Convinced a PB league will come sooner rather than later & probably a bit more capital appreciation with it & possibly some MB thrown in - as you say clearly over priced!!

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