Maximilian Phillip Norwich

  • I think he’s primed for a move. Maybe on loan, if he comes to EPL, he’ll double at least!

    Why would he go to Norwich?

  • so during the international break he visited his mate in Norwich ?

    TBH for me its a flimsy link

    but he is 37p

    Javier Hernandez is 26p

    Jamie Vardy 43p

    why would Phillip be 74p in a newly promote Norwich team ???

  • @Munchie63 I did say it was weak?
    But at least he was in Norwich!
    I bet hazard and pogba haven’t been seen in Madrid this month πŸ˜‚

  • @Ringers Dortmund may well be happy to sell. And he may fancy a PL club.

    but I'd be amazed if he doubles in value when proven PL scorers are half that

    If Norwich get promotion they'll need to spend that much s sure, so never rule anything out

  • I love this type of journalism!!!! Max Phillip seen in a Norwich Nando's... must mean he's on the verge of a lucrative Canaries deal... you should work for the sun?? or Met police??? I'm not joking!!!

    Genius tip off whoever seen him!!! i'm off to the bookies!!!! :-)

  • @dannypea TBF at Dortmund he's prob not on huge money so makes sense he's eating at Nando's rather than the more upmarket GBK down the high street

  • @Munchie63 there is absolutely no reason that any footballer would not eat in Nandos!!! you might be a multi-millionaire but that doesn't stop you eating the best piri piri chicken on the planet!!!!

    The fact that you have to go order it yourself is a nark but once it arrives its usually worth the effort!!!!

    Wonder if he had a free refill????

  • Maybe I was wrong with Norwich, but it looks likes the move is on to Wolfsburg.
    He’ll be their first choice all day and Europa league

  • I hope germany has a nandos then...

  • @Waveydavey1984 said in Maximilian Phillip Norwich:

    I hope germany has a nandos then...

    They love peri-peri

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