Juan Foyth

  • Looks like his game is made for the PB scoring matrix.

    If he was to earn himself a regular starting spot then he could be a live contender. If he was to add goals then 🚀

    Probably limited value buying now but he's one to watch for me.

    Any Spuds fans with thoughts on him getting regular starts next season.

  • @Hotspur views?

  • Possession game against Huddersfield. Both him and Vertonghen had over 100 passes. Good thing to remember for future.

  • @Allams-Out

    Well, if you consider that Alderweireld will likely be off for 25 mil in the summer and Vertonghen is 32 next season I can see him getting games. We will likely buy a CB in the summer but that will only leave us with 3.

  • @LuaLua what's a spud? Potato fc?

    As for Foyth, has lots of potential and likely to play more next season, particularly if Alderweireld leaves without being adequately replaced. Still a lot to learn defensively though and unlikely to become a regular anytime soon.

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