Best Player

  • I was just wondering who everyone believes is the best player on the index that'll earn you money whether this is media buzz, player buzz, in-play divs or all of the above

  • Pogba as today proves

  • @NewUser35208 said in Best Player:

    Pogba as today proves

    As a bitter scouser i have to agree

  • Buzzing for Neymar to make his comeback, price has steadily continued to rise & rise while being out a few months injured, only been a member 3 months myself so haven't seen him in action with PB scores, in what is a poor league. Think with Copa's in Summer and potential move could be big MB with him as well, so on that basis he isn't the king of FI for no reason. I hold both him & Pogba by the way equally so don't favour one over the other.

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