When to Sell?

  • Hi,

    New to the game and I would appreciate some advice if possible.

    When owning futures in players who’s value is increasing, what criteria or ideas do you use in order to decide when to sell?

    For example, Mahrez is currently showing me a 14% profit within a day but I have no idea whether it would be a good time to sell.
    I know it’ll differ player to player but what considerations should I make?


  • Also, I know the obvious is ‘if you think their price will continue to increase then don’t sell yet’ just prices can’t incease exponentially and I don’t see why Mahrez would have risen so much so quickly.

  • Buy low, sell high.. If you make a profit and you're happy with it then why not sell? If you believe in the player though i would always keep as the better they play the more their price 'should' go up!!! On Mahrez, a lot of his price is down to transfer speculation.. If he stays his price might not improve that much, if he goes it should increase short term at least!!!!

  • Also wondering about mahrez. Any advice on how much players tend to rise on these situations historically ?

  • If Mahrez signs for arsenal or Liverpool his price will p4obably go to something near 3 quid immediately before and then drop back down to maybe £2.20. Depending on the fee there will be plenty of attention so maybe a fair but of media buzz. However he is more than capable of winning some performance buzz especially if playing in a better team. If I was you I'd definitely keep him as there's bound to be plenty more transfer speculation before the end of January. Just wish I'd bought him when he was around a quid.

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  • @NewUser73132

  • Mahrez is a good example, I’m invested in him also. I got in at 1.31 per share and I’m currently sitting at 77.10% ROI. Iv no plans on selling right now and I don’t think you should either. When any player price spikes rapidly in 24hrs it WILL retract and go down a bit. In stocks this is called a ‘correction’ but don’t let that make you panic and sell, it will increase again.

    In terms of when to sell, the best time to sell a future when the price increase is based on transfers speculation is just before the transfers is going to go through. If you hear that the deal should be going through at some point soon or really strong signs the deal will be done in say 24/48 hrs, SELL and try to sell fast! Don’t instant sell at this point but, you should be able to go to market! If the transfere goes through and you still have futures, this is maybe when you should be looking at an instant sell because his price will soon plumit, I’m still not 100% sure why this is.

    On the other hand if the deal doesn’t go through and the transfer window is closing or you hear that the player WILL NOT be leaving, signs an new deal or something along they lines, again you should look to sell IMO. Again this is because his price will probably go down.

    What I tend to do is sell high and when the enevitable price crash on that player happens I buy back in all my investment and all my profit, the lot and go again (this is great for profit). I do give this a fair bit of time before reinvesting because the players price will be extremely volatile for a while! I wait for the ship to steady and buy back in low!

    That’s my strategy, I know it’s a bit long winded but I hope it helps!

  • Sell when the player is in demand

  • @devlin7
    Thanks that makes a lot of sense

  • @NewUser111995
    No problem, that strategy is totally for buying based on speculation! You should adopt a couple strategies for different buying reasons.

    Good luck investing! 👍🏻

  • Mahrez I bought him a in October under or around £1 and never took into account performance buzz I bought and sold him loads of times till eventually he cost me £2 I got 95 and sold about 15 at 2-32 has I like to spreed my investment over many players I’ve now about 80 left and going to hold them for 3 years possibly unless he goes over £3 to show good profit.

    If he goes to Liverpool or arsenal the media buzz will be worth about 20p and a couple of performance buzz a season too at a single and a double over 3 years he could and should return at a total guess between 70p & £1 in buzz wins that’s my logic. But no guarantees players can get injury’s go to China or not play has good for new teams and so on. At moment I’m taking a kicking has my manager of my team is starting the wrong players (I think we’re all managers)

    I like the player and if he transfers to a bigger club I think any drop will be more safe than other targets at the price he is now

    Remember if you sell you need to buy back later at bigger money this happened to me with Salah!!

    If your new there are many strategy’s to adopt if your buying with a limited budget it’s best to flip and make little profit often maybe? I sold 15 of him to offset a inexpected loss on another player where I couldn’t decide if to top up or edge my bet I went with edge by selling 10 out of 40 shares if I’d of topped up the risk far greater in this case so it took a few pound hit which I clawed back on Mahrez sales there’s many videos on YouTube explaying the index some year the company some by others FI want you to like the concert and tell your friends they don’t care who wins they want investment and commission on sales and to grow there brand its a comunity and the longer it goes on harder it will be to win but at moment there’s still chances for everyone

    I’m still learning I’ve a few thousand futures and tend to be one of the few that buy defenders which most people avoid like the plague

  • He's up to 2.50 as i write - if he dips after any transfer goes through i'd be very tempted, he could make a big impact once at a bigger club. £3 + has got to be a possibility

  • I sold some and kept some in the end was left with 30 with a 50p drop so lost £15 with bad timing

  • Economic pressure of people having overspent during the xmas period should see a large proportion of people selling out with one week to go till the end of Jan to put some money back in their account. It won't be people holding the big numbers but some of the people with small holdings will looks to convert back to cash. I would expect to see a late Jan drop in the "FOOTIE". Buy last days of Jan/Early Feb.

  • What % drop in the footie would you expect to see? At a guess?

  • @NewUser93040 maybe 20%?

  • Did this happen last year?

  • I brought Mahrez at 1.51 so no panic here but as a rule if you can get min 50% above your investment it should always be worth strongly considering... at 2.25 that might interest me but a EPL move to Arsenal or Liverpool could bring with it some MB so maybe worth holding on and seeing how he does? If he doesn't go the speculation will continue so as long as the performances are of a standard i wouldn't rush to sell.

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